Instructions on how to clean computer keyboards by yourself at home

Cleaning the computer keyboard can be done at home very simply. The following article will guide you how to clean this keyboard yourself, refer to the article now!


Why is it necessary to clean the computer keyboard?

After a period of use, your keyboard can get dusty or stuffed with debris, so it needs to be treated for a deep cleaning with a combination of cleaning methods.

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The cleaning of the keyboard helps to ensure hygiene and maintain the keyboard's life , keeping the keyboard's sensitivity always good.

2 Instructions on how to clean the computer keyboard

1. Laptop keyboard

Step 1: Power off the computer

Turning off the machine before cleaning is extremely necessary because if you do not turn off the machine when cleaning, it is likely that water will enter the machine's circuit and cause a fire.

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Step 2 : You need a laptop keyboard cleaning kit , which can be found at laptop repair shops.

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Step 3: Clean the keyboard

Turn the laptop upside down and gently shake the dust to get rid of the dust on the keyboard, then use a brush and keyboard balloon to blow and sweep away the dust remaining under the keyboard.

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Next, wet the cleaning cloth with the water of the laptop cleaning kit, then gently wipe the keyboard to remove all that is still dirty on the keyboard.

Alternatively, you can also buy a keyboard vacuum cleaner . The price of this product is also more expensive than the cleaning kit, but the utility is far superior.

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Finally, dry the keyboard to avoid residual water that can cause moisture to the microchip below the keyboard.

2. Detachable keyboard

Step 1 : First, start by unplugging the keyboard from your computer. Then, hold up the keyboard, flip it so the keys are facing down. Gently pat the back to remove dust and dirt.

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Step 2 : Wipe away dirt

Use a cleaning kit like a nylon cleaning brush to sweep away dirt or a household substitute, like a toothbrush.

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Step 3 : Use a keyboard blower

Use an airless sprayer with a small tube attached to it to blow on the keyboard to get the dirt out of the keyboard. It is best to do this outdoors to avoid the surrounding objects being affected.

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Step 4 : Use cleaning gel to remove dirt on the keyboard completely

An effective yet effective way to clean your computer keyboard is to invest in a cleaning gel or gum. Cyberclean is a widely found brand.

Dùng gel làm sạch để hút hết bụi bẩn

This gelatin binder sucks up any crumbs or dirt it touches. As soon as the gel is dirty, you need to replace it with a new one for effective cleaning.

Step 5 : Disassemble and wash the keys

If you have a mechanical keyboard with a detachable keyboard you can easily clean it. Before you remove any keycaps, be sure to take a photo of the keyboard so you know where to reattach it.

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You can clean your keycaps by soaking them in a container of soapy water . Scrub the keyboard with a small brush or rag after soaking.

Then put them out to dry completely .

Above is an article on how to clean a simple computer keyboard at home. Hopefully from the name information, you can clean the keyboard properly and more effectively!