Instructions on how to install a direct water heater

Installing a direct water heater is not difficult, but it is still necessary to follow it in sequence to avoid causing electrical accidents, ensure the machine works well and make the bathroom space more beautiful. GREEN Dien May introduces the steps to install a direct water heater for your convenience.


Installation tools

You need to prepare some of the following tools and supplies to install a direct water heater.

1. Water heater accessories are available with purchase

Toàn bộ máy và phụ kiện kèm theo khi mua

The whole machine and accessories are included with the purchase

2. The materials need to prepare to install the machine (Dien May GREEN supports the preparation for customers)

Các vật tư cần chuẩn bị để lắp máy

Materials needed to prepare the machine

  • Water supply cable.
  • Single-phase electrical circuit breakers 20A or 30A.
  • Daphaco electric wire.
  • Need to buy more flexible hose to fill water into the machine.
  • Installation tools include pencil, electric tester, screwdriver, ruler, wrench, wire cutter and drill.

Steps to take

Step 1: Use a screwdriver to remove the mask of the water heater.

Tháo mặt nạ của máy nước nóng ra

Remove the mask of the water heater

Use a screwdriver to remove the screws to remove the front panel of the water heater, being careful to use the correct type of screwdriver so as not to damage the unit.

Máy nước nóng được tháo mặt nạ ra

The water heater is removed from the mask

Step 2: Put the machine on the wall, use a ruler to make sure the machine is lying flat. Use a pencil to mark the hanger and the holes along the back of the machine.

Dùng thước đặt máy ngay ngắn rồi đánh dấu bằng bút chì

Use a ruler to place the machine neatly and then mark it with a pencil

Take the machine out of position and start drilling holes, close the stopper and then place the machine so that the available holes are aligned with the position of the stopper, tighten the screws.

Bắt vít gắn máy lên tường

Screw the machine to the wall

Step 3: Locate the location to install the shower faucet and CB. Select the appropriate position and then mark the hole with a pencil through the holes on the slider, then proceed to fix the slide position on the wall, screw the screw to complete the installation of the accessory.

Định vị vị trí lắp sen vòi và CB

Determine the location of the shower faucet and CB

Mount the CB on the wall.

Gắn CB lên tường

Mount the CB on the wall

Next, proceed to install the shower on the wall.

Lắp vòi sen lên tường

Mount the shower on the wall

Tighten the faucet fixing screw.

Xiết vít cố định vòi sen

Tighten the showerhead fixing screw

Step 4: We proceed to install the 3-in-1 valve and the water inlet on the right side of the machine. Use a wrench to turn the valve in and then remove the warning stickers attached to the top of the valve, taking care not to drop the loose mesh, the rubber gasket at the top of the valve.

Lưu ý không làm rơi lưới lỏng, gioăng cao su tại đầu van

Take care not to drop the loose mesh, rubber gasket at the valve head

Install the 3-in-1 valve and water inlet on the right side of the machine.

Gắn van 3 trong 1 và tháo miếng dán

Attach the 3-in-1 valve and remove the sticker

Connect the valve end to the water line, the other end to the water supply line. Twist with moderate force so as not to damage the connector.

Dùng ống nhựa nối van 3 trong 1 với van cấp nước

Use a plastic pipe to connect the 3-in-1 valve to the water supply valve

Connect the shower arm to the water outlet on the left front left side of the water heater.

Kết nối tay sen vào đường nước ra

Connect the hand shower to the water outlet

Step 5: Connect the power to the machine

Install the phase wire, neutral wire and ground wire of the machine into the contacts. Make sure the wires are connected correctly and securely.

Kết nối dây điện vào tiếp điểm

Connect the wire to the contact

Connect the machine to the previously mounted CB.

Đấu nối máy với CB đã gắn trước đó

Connect the machine to the previously mounted CB

Finally, proceed to install the front panel on the machine, using the correct screws removed in the first steps. Remove the scratch-resistant screen on the front and then insert the adjustment buttons, need to check if the adjustment buttons fit properly.

Lắp mặt trước máy và lắp núm điều khiển vào

Install the front of the machine and insert the control knob

Installation of the water heater is complete.

Lắp đặt máy nước nóng hoàn tất[

Installation of water heater completed

Step 6: Conduct ground / ground connection for the machine to avoid electric leakage causing danger to users.

Check the machine's operating functions and guide customers to use

Step 1: Check if the ELCB anti-shock CB & other functions on the machine work or not.

Kiểm tra CB chống giật ELCB trên máy có hoạt động hay không

Check if the ELCB anti-shock CB on the machine is working or not

Step 2: Instruct customers to use the machine's function buttons.

Hướng dẫn khách hàng sử dụng các nút chức năng của máy

Guide customers to use the function buttons of the machine

The installation of the direct water heater is completed.

Hopefully the article has provided you with useful information to install a water heater quickly and efficiently. Please leave a comment for Dien May XANH in the box below!

Article using Ariston IM-4522EP water heater 4.5kW