Instructions on how to record calls very easily on Android phones

Call recording is one of the essential ways to save and not miss a certain information. The following article will show you how to record calls very simply on Android phones.


Is Call Recording Legal?

Before recording a call, find out if the laws governing the area where you are going to make call recordings allow it.

Under Vietnamese law, it is not prohibited to record calls to provide content containing evidence that proves significant facts in resolving disputes or clarifying legal facts.

Ghi âm cuộc gọi

However, if the person recording the recording uses the recorded content for other purposes such as threatening for personal purposes or to damage the honor, dignity, etc. of others, it will be an illegal act. .

Whether it is legal to record calls depends on each country's own laws, in some places you can record calls yourself, while in other areas, both permission is required. beside.

2 How to record calls on Android phones

Using Google Voice

One of the most popular ways to record calls is to use Google Voice, but this app only supports recording incoming calls.

First visit Google Voice's website here or download the app here , set up an account as instructed and record calls following the steps below.

Step 1: Click on the 3-dot icon on the left side of the screen, select Settings .

Bước chọn Settings

Step 2: Scroll down to select the Calls command and make sure that Incoming call options is on .

After activating this mode to record incoming calls, press 4 on the phone keypad and after the call ends, hang up as usual.

bật chế độ Incoming call options

Google has automatically saved your call. If you want to listen to these recordings, you must download the Google Voice app.

– Select the menu icon on the left side of the screen.

– Select Recorder .

– Find the call you want to hear (shown by the time it was made) and open it.

Use another phone

If you have another smartphone or tablet or computer lying around, you can also use it as a call recorder.

Sử dụng điện thoại khác để ghi âm

Most smartphones come with pre-installed voice recording apps.

Using third-party apps

Call recording with a third party app is one of the easiest ways to record your incoming and outgoing calls.

các ứng dụng ghi âm cuộc gọi

There are many third-party apps that can record calls on your phone, but check if recent Android versions and your phone model may not support them.

A few call recording apps on Android devices that you can try:

  • Call Recorder – ARC is one of the most downloaded call recorders, it is compatible with most Android versions.
  • Gallaxy Call Recorder is a convenient application for Samsung phone users, providing the ability to save two-way calls for free with users.
  • Call Recorder is a completely free application that allows you to record all your calls in the easiest way as well as manage your recordings.
  • Blackbox Call Recorder supports users with the usual range of features including call recording, cloud backup support and recording quality settings. This app has a trial version and after the trial expires, the user has to pay $0.99 per month.

Using a recording device

For those who don't want to have to get used to a call recording app or bother with rooting, etc., using a recording device is an alternative, although it is a bit more expensive.

Thiết bị ghi âm

Buy a voice recorder to record voice calls with speakerphone turned on. Recording quality may not be as ideal as the above recording methods because it is possible that some sound is outside.

Above is an article on how to record calls very simply on Android phones. Wishing you success!