Instructions to clean the washing machine simple at home

Busy daily work makes you quite dependent on the use of the washing machine. So how to remove stubborn stains that may remain in the washing tub? Let's learn how to clean washing machines with the tips below!


Why should you clean your washing machine periodically?

The drum is a place that is often exposed to dirty clothes, bacteria, and fabric dust. After a period of operation, these impurities will accumulate inside the washing tub, clogging the filter and draining system, leading to easy damage to the washing machine.

Therefore, if the drum is not cleaned and removed in time, when the washing machine is operating, these residues will fall off and stick to the clothes. Not only does it lead to an unclean wash, but also an unpleasant musty smell on the clothes.

Vì sao nên vệ sinh máy giặt định kỳ?

In addition, regular cleaning of the washing machine also brings many benefits such as:

  • Extend the life of the machine
  • Deodorize, remove bacteria, residue, dust inside the washing machine
  • Helps clothes to be washed more clean
  • Increase machine performance
  • Protect the washing machine from deterioration and damage

You should regularly clean simply, clean the washing machine every week to prevent dust from accumulating and to keep the machine clean and new. If you clean the whole thing (cleaning the outer tub, cleaning the inner tub, removing mold, …) then about every 2-3 months depending on the frequency of use of the family.

2 Instructions for cleaning top-loading washing machines (top-loading washing machines)

– Preparing instruments

You need to prepare some necessary items before cleaning the top load washing machine such as: detergent (soap, dishwashing liquid, ..), toothbrush or sponge, brush, mop, tassel screw, pressure pump (if any).

– Steps to clean top load washing machine

Step 1: Check the washing machine

Before cleaning, you need to check a few issues as follows:

  • Is the washing machine still working stably?
  • Is the washing machine damaged anywhere?
  • Does the spin function still work?
  • Does the machine make noises or squeaks when operating?

If the machine is found to be damaged or malfunctioning, you need to contact the service center or call the machine repair team before cleaning the machine.

Kiểm tra máy giặt

Step 2: Remove the control panel

Use a screwdriver to remove the screws that fix the top of the washing machine (choose a 4-prong screw head).

Tháo ốc định vị trên máy giặt

Then sequentially remove the top cover, right at the water supply position.

Tháo vỏ mặt trên máy giặt

Remove the washing machine control panel, you need to be careful in this step to avoid breaking the power cord.

Tháo bảng điều khiển máy giặt

Remove the fixing screw between the top face and the body.

Tháo vít cố định giữa mặt trên với thân máy.

Remove the top cover of the washing machine.

Tháo nắp máy giặt mặt trên.

Step 3: Remove the washing tray and washing tub

You unscrew the screws that secure the washing tub with a screwdriver.

Tháo ốc cố định lồng giặt

Remove the round plastic piece on the washing tub.

Tháo miếng nhựa tròn trên lồng giặt.

Unscrew the screw fixing the washing tub to the washing tray.

Tháo ốc cố định lồng giặt với mâm giặt.

Then carefully lift the tub out of the washing machine.

Nhấc lồng giặt ra khỏi máy

Step 4: Clean the drum

You use a pressure pump or a faucet to spray the washing tub inside and out, along with the machine's accessories, plastic cover on the top.

Vệ sinh lồng giặt

Remove the filter mesh (attached to the body of the washing tub) to clean the dirt inside.

Tháo lưới lọc sơ vải và vệ sinh.

Spray wash, clean the washing tub inside.

Xịt rửa, vệ sinh lồng giặt bên trong.

Clean the outer drum (where there is no washing liquid during the washing process), you can use a brush and detergent solution to clean stubborn stains and small components attached.

Vệ sinh lồng giặc ngoài

Step 5: Assemble components and wipe clean

Use a pre-cleaning rag and assemble the drum, top plastic cover, control panel and components to the body, tightening the fixing screws together. Once assembled, use a clean cloth to dry again.

Lắp ráp các linh kiện và lau sạch

Step 6: Finish and check the product again

After cleaning and reassembling, you need to press start the machine to check if the washing machine is working properly before using it.

Kiểm tra máy giặt trước khi sử dụng

3 Instructions for cleaning front-loading washing machines (horizontal drum washing machines)

– Preparing instruments

Before cleaning the front-loading washing machine, you need to prepare some of the following tools: Water, neutral detergent (all-purpose cleaner can be purchased at convenience stores or supermarkets), toothbrush, brooms and rags

Steps to clean front load washing machine

Step 1: Check the washing machine

Before proceeding to clean the front load washing machine, you need to check that it is working properly by following the following procedure:

  • Is the washing machine working normally?
  • Are components and parts damaged?

If your washing machine has a problem or damage, you should contact the service center or repairman before cleaning.

Kiểm tra máy giặt

Step 2: Remove the top and back cover

Use a 4-prong screwdriver to unscrew the back screw and remove the back of the washing machine.

Tháo mặt sau máy giặt

Next, unscrew the top screw and remove the top cover on the washing machine.

Tháo ốc mặt trên và tháo nắp máy giặt

Step 3: Remove the cement block weighing the drum and the water, soap and control panel

Use the lock to remove the cement block weighing the washing tub.

Tháo cục xi măng cân lồng giặt

Remove the soap dispenser, unscrew the screws first, and lift the water supply box out.

Tháo hộc đựng xà phòng, hộp cấp nước

Unplug the jacks, remove the control circuit (pay attention to avoid jerking out causing the mount to break).

Rút các jack cắm, tháo mạch điều khiển

Step 4: Remove the washing machine door, belt, fork, motor

Use the lock to remove the front of the machine right at the door of the washing tub.

Dùng khóa tháo mặt trước máy ngay cửa lồng giặt.

Unplug all motor jacks, resistors,…

Rút tất cả các jack cắm motor, điện trở,...

Remove the fork fixing the washing tub.

Tháo phuộc cố định lồng giặt.

Remove the belt and motor screws from the drum.

Tháo dây cu roa, ốc motor ra khỏi lồng giặt.

Step 5: Separate the washing tub

Use the lock to open the connecting screws to separate the washing tub.

Dùng khóa mở các ốc liên kết để tách lồng giặt.

Bụi bẩn, nấm mốc bám trên lồng giặt

Step 6: Clean and reinstall the washing machine after cleaning

Use high pressure spray nozzle to quickly remove dirt, mold.

Dùng vòi xịt áp lực cao để tẩy nhanh bụi bẩn, nấm mốc.

Use mild detergents such as soap, dishwashing liquid to remove remaining stains once again.

Dùng chất tẩy nhẹ, tấy các vết bẩn còn sót lại

Next, use a clean towel to dry the washing tub and the drum cover.

Lau chùi lồng giặt thật khô

Reassemble the washing machine and check whether the device is working properly or not?

Khởi động và kiểm tra lại máy giặt

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Hopefully with the above information, you already know how to properly clean your washing machine, so that your family's washing machine is always clean and beautiful! If you have any questions in the process of cleaning the washing machine, you can contact 1800.1061 or leave a comment below the article!