Instructions to fix laptop error that won't power on, won't turn on the screen

In this article, we will show you how to fix laptop errors that won't turn on or display anything. We'll also share methods for fixing the screen so it works properly!


Laptop does not power on

Laptop không lên nguồn

Error name Symptom Reason How to fix
The laptop won’t power on due to a broken charger While plugged in, the charging light will not turn on and your device might stop working. The fan could also start spinning or making noises when this happens! The charging cable is damaged or the connector might have been pulled out of its socket. If the laptop is not turning on, then it’s likely that there are some problems with either the power cord or charger. You can try another cable of equal capacity to see if your problem persists; check whether both ends (the plugs) have been damaged as well by gently pulling them out so you don’t break anything else than just those two pieces!
The laptop does not power on due to overheating Once the machine starts to emit heat, it can be unpredictable. It might turn off suddenly or just pause for a second before turning back on again with no warning at all! It is straightforward for your laptop to overheat. The most common way that this happens in users’ homes, especially if they are using the computer without cleaning or taking care of it properly after an extended period of time has passed since its last use. Wait until the laptop has cooled down and then turn it back on (temporarily). To solve this problem thoroughly, you need to clean your computer periodically and apply the thermal paste for both CPU/GPU every six months.
The laptop does not power on due to power failure on the mainboard (common) The charger is not working or it’s broken. The light turns off when plugged in, but nothing happens otherwise. The 3V-5V power supply unit is an essential component that allows your computer’s components to operate. When it burns, all sorts of problems can occur including burning out CPU or ram with no way for you as the user to fix this issue! If your motherboard is not working, it’s best to get a replacement. The current price for an input source ranges from $500K-$1M VND!

Laptop not on screen, power is still running

Laptop không lên màn hình

Error name Symptom Reason How to fix
The laptop does not turn on the screen due to high-pressure board failure The laptop is still running, the fan is spinning but the screen does not turn on, or there are a few light streaks, and the image is dim. If your computer or laptop has the above signs, it is possible that the high-voltage circuit (the part that supplies power to the screen) is damaged. Replace the high-voltage circuit, the price is also quite cheap and there is no need to keep the computer or laptop for too long.
Broken or damaged laptop screen The screen shows meaningless streaks of light, or dark, cracks. The screen is broken, damaged by a strong impact. Use another monitor (can use a TV), then output the screen from the laptop via HDMI or VGA, if the image is still displayed usually, my condolences, your laptop screen has been damaged and needs renewed.

Tip: For very old laptops, replacing a used screen is sometimes more cost-effective than a 100% new screen.

Loose, dirty RAM also makes the laptop, not on the screen The laptop screen flashes with a continuous beep sound then turn off or restart continuously. RAM has dirty contacts, or is loose or even damaged. For dirty RAM, you need to clean the plug again, then plug it back into the laptop. If the beeping sound still occurs, it is likely that the RAM on your laptop is damaged and needs to be replaced.
The laptop does not turn on the screen because the BIOS (Basic I/O System) is faulty The machine pointed to the BIOS interface (black and white interface), then stood still. BIOS power supply failure, or BIOS battery drain. Check the chipset that powers the BIOS (need a technician), if not, the BIOS is probably out of battery or has not been updated. You need to replace the BIOS battery with a new one and update the BIOS software to the latest version.

Hopefully, the above article will help you fix the laptop not turning on, not on the screen. Any questions please leave a comment below!