Refrigerator sweat, condensation? The cause and how to fix it

You are experiencing a situation of refrigerator condensation, also known as sweating, both outside and in the refrigerator compartment. Don't worry too much, Dien may GREEN will help you find out the cause and how to fix it!


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Every problem has its cause. So is the phenomenon of condensation on the refrigerator. There are three main reasons for this phenomenon: weather, people and the refrigerator itself.

1 Due to the humid weather

Families in the southern region of Vietnam are likely to be less affected by weather conditions. Because the wet season does not happen in the South but mainly in the North.

The wet season is the season when the air humidity increases to 75%, even 100%, it is drizzling outside for a long time, so the indoor furniture will be stuck with water vapor, including you.

If you see that there is water on all three sides of the front, sides and top of the refrigerator, rest assured, it shows that your refrigerator is being affected by hot weather only.

How to fix it: If your family is living in an area with a rainy season, then rest assured that your refrigerator does not have any problems that need to be repaired. What you need to do is to regularly let the refrigerator dry.

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2 Because the refrigerator forgot to close

In the times when you open the refrigerator door, there will definitely be cases where you forget to close the refrigerator door or forget to close the door. This allows cold air to leak out, causing the refrigerator to collect steam.

How to fix it: If you see that the refrigerator is steaming but the door is not fully closed or fully open, think of someone in the house forgetting to close the door carefully.

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3 Because the cabinet gasket loses its elasticity

The cabinet door is not closed because the user is not careful, but partly because. After a long time of use, the cabinet gasket loses its elasticity and can no longer seal the door tightly, so the cabinet is not closed.

How to fix:

– If the cabinet gasket is damaged, losing elasticity, you can fix it yourself at home by removing the cabinet gasket and pouring hot water over the gasket, then reattaching it.

– If it still does not improve or there are some gaps, you can heat those parts and close the door, tape the cabinet tightly within a few hours and you'll be fine.

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4 Due to damaged foam insulation

In addition to damaged cabinet seals, the refrigerator can also accumulate water vapor due to damaged foam insulation. Damaged foam insulation allows cold air to escape through the cabinet's insulation, causing condensation.

How to fix it: When you see that the back of the cabinet is steamed, sweaty and the other sides of the cabinet are similar, think immediately that the insulation foam is broken and need to call a repairman immediately.

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When the refrigerator is dew, sweating, it will consume a lot of electricity because the refrigerator has a large heat loss, the compressor has to work continuously, leading to abnormally high power consumption. Therefore, you need to identify the cause and repair immediately to use the refrigerator most effectively and economically.