Signs of a Windows computer infected with a virus and how to fix it

Most of today's computer users must have heard a lot about the concept of a virus, but not everyone knows all the serious consequences that it causes.


The question is "is your computer really safe?". Here are some basic signs to know if your Windows computer is infected with a Virus or not.

Dấu hiệu máy tính Window bị nhiễm virus và khắc phục Is your computer really safe?

1. Pop-up ads (adware) and browser navigation

Dấu hiệu máy tính Window bị nhiễm virus và khắc phục Pop-up ads are not always safe

There may be many times when you go to a certain link on the browser, suddenly there are a few or a series of billboards like this. These are browser pop-ups often used to post ads. However, not all ads are capable of infecting malware, but there are still links somewhere that "seduce" you to bad websites and have a high risk of virus infection.

2. Malware, Trojan stealing data, personal information

Dấu hiệu máy tính Window bị nhiễm virus và khắc phục There is always a potential risk of "lodging" of malicious software

Lurking somewhere in your computer can be a seemingly harmless Trojan that can cause huge losses. For example, you go to a website that pays with a bank card, then the Trojan is "in the area" active and redirects your website to a similar "pretend" website, if you enter your account information. account and personal information there, your loss will not be small. Besides, depending on the purpose of the attacker, the Malware will perform tasks such as stealing important data, images, passwords, etc.

3. Strange posts, automatic messages on social networks

Dấu hiệu máy tính Window bị nhiễm virus và khắc phục Automatically send messages via social network Facebook

Currently a lot of people use social networks, so this is a pretty good environment to spread Viruses. When infected with this virus, it will automatically post status or send messages to friends using the infected person's own identity. If you accidentally click on these links, you will be the next victim. In addition, they can automatically send spam emails to your friends without your knowledge.

4. Suddenly giving scary warnings and asking you to pay

Dấu hiệu máy tính Window bị nhiễm virus và khắc phục Warning "impersonating" to "extort money" from victims

Suddenly you get a message pretending to be “your computer is locked” and asking you to pay to unlock it. This is a pretty daring trick of hackers to force you to spend money, but even if you spend money on them, it is not certain that your computer can work normally again.

5. Unusual messages appear

Dấu hiệu máy tính Window bị nhiễm virus và khắc phục Unusual messages – a sign of a virus

When you accidentally appear unusual system messages, you may suspect that your computer has been infected with a Virus. These Viruses can block you like not allowing access to Task Manager or Registry and so you won't find them to delete them. But you can enter Window's Safe Mode to remove them easily.

6. Files are automatically generated when connecting USB

Dấu hiệu máy tính Window bị nhiễm virus và khắc phục USB connection – risk of infection

If you often have to use USB, then you must have encountered Viruses such as: Recycle, Shortcut etc. They always destroy data and cause many troubles for you by such as: Hide your data, create empty Shortcuts that you can't copy and don't know how to get the data back.

7. Other signs

In addition to the above common symptoms, there are other symptoms such as:

– The machine works abnormally slow, the speed of accessing and opening files is suddenly slow.

– Appear hidden files with .exe extension eg: music.exe, virus.exe etc…

How to fix

Viruses and malware bring many inconveniences and difficulties to users. If we detect their signs, we need to find the best ways to protect our data and assets.

a. Use anti-virus software

Dấu hiệu máy tính Window bị nhiễm virus và khắc phục Antivirus software

Currently, there are many antivirus software that are able to detect and remove malware. Therefore, you should choose, install yourself an antivirus software and update it regularly to protect yourself from illegal intrusions that cause serious damage.

b. Do not visit or click on “suspicious” links

Don't click on untrustworthy links or pop-ups, and don't visit websites with a high risk of malware infection. Although this is a pretty basic way, it is also considered an effective way for you to protect yourself.

c. Using Windows' Safe Mode

Dấu hiệu máy tính Window bị nhiễm virus và khắc phục Safe mode (Safe mode)

Safe mode is Windows' safe mode. Here you can find and remove some malicious Malware quickly.

d. Backup Data and Windows

Dấu hiệu máy tính Window bị nhiễm virus và khắc phục Norton Ghost helps backup Windows operating system

To protect important data you can back up data to other storages such as ROM disk, portable hard drive etc. Nowadays there are many online storage such as: Google Drive, Dropbox etc. … can help you protect your data in a pretty good way. At the same time, to protect your own Windows operating system, you should create a Ghost version for Windows, when you encounter serious problems that cannot be solved, you can back up without having to reinstall the operating system.