Summary of ways to clean up computers and laptops to save space and run smoother

Computer junk is one of the reasons why the computer becomes slow. So when do we need to handle them and how to clean up the computer is really difficult or not? Let Dien May GREEN guide you on how to clean up your computer extremely simply.


1 Where does computer garbage come from?

Almost every operation on your computer – like you surf the web, use software or zip – unzip any file, even uninstall software, all have the potential to generate computer junk.

Computer junk is a name that refers to redundant files, existing and accumulating over time, taking up a significant amount of space and hindering the normal operation of the computer .

Rác máy tính sinh ra từ đâu?

The consequence of containing a lot of computer junk is to slow down the machine as well as narrow the operating system's operating space.

2 When to clean computer garbage?

When you feel that your computer is running slower and slower, the search operations or the programs that run on the computer and the browser take too long, then you should think about cleaning up your computer's garbage.

Khi nào cần dọn rác máy tính?

However, if you regularly use your computer, you can plan to clean every 2 months .

3 How to clean computer garbage?

Computer garbage is considered redundant files in the computer system, so we can divide it into many types of computer garbage that you can clean up as follows:

Clean up temporary files on hard drive

Step 1 : Go to Start -> enter the search box and then type Run , press Enter .

Dọn tập tin tạm trên ổ cứng

Step 2 : Run screen appears, type %temp% , then click OK .

Màn hình Run xuất hiện, gõ %temp%, rồi bấm OK

Step 3 : The Temp folder window appears, select all the files that appear (by clicking on any file, then pressing Ctrl + A). Next, left-click, select Delete .

chọn hết tất cả tệp tin xuất hiện và nhấn delete

Finally, click Yes , that's it.

bấm Yes để hoàn tất xóa tập tin tệp

Delete Recent places history

The most recent activities (such as the last opened folder, the last opened image, …) that the computer saves are not so much considered garbage but also affect the running speed of the machine. Therefore, you also consider this as a type of computer garbage with the following way of cleaning garbage:

Step 1 : Similar to the above, you also go to Start -> type Run in the search -> enter Recent places -> Ok .

vào Start, gõ Run trong tìm kiếm, nhập Recent places

Step 2 : The Recent places folder window appears, select all (Ctrl + A), right-click Delete and you're done.

Cửa số thư mục Recent places xuất hiện chọn delete

Clear Cache

Cache is born to speed up the user operation to become faster. However, after a long time of using the computer, the cache will also save unnecessary processes. Therefore, clearing the cache is also considered a way to clean up the computer's garbage to improve the performance of the machine.

Step 1: Open Start -> type Run in the search -> type Prefetch , then click Ok .

gõ run trong tìm kiếm, nhập refetch

Step 2 : The Prefetch folder is opened, select all (Ctrl + A), right-click and select Delete .

chọn tất cả trong thư mục Prefetch, tiến hành xóa

Delete files in Recycle Bin

When you delete files that are no longer in use (by selecting – pressing Delete normally), those files are not completely deleted. At this point, you need to go to the Recycle Bin to delete them again.

Step 1: Select the Recycle Bin that appears on .

Chọn Recycle Bin xuất hiện trên màn hình máy tính

không thấy mục Recycle Bin hiện trên màn hình máy tính

Step 2: Click to select all files , right-click Delete and you're done

Click chuột chọn tất cả file, nhấp chuột phải Delete là xong

Delete unused programs

The programs installed on the computer, if not in use, you should delete them to improve the performance and capacity of the machine.

Step 1 : Go to Start , find and select Control Panel

tìm và chọn Control Panel khi vào start

Step 2 : Select Programs

Chọn Programs

Step 3: Left-click to select the software program you want to remove , then right-click and click Uninstall .

nhấp chuột phải bấm Uninstall để gỡ bỏ phần mềm

Clean up computer junk with external software

In addition, you can search online and download popular computer cleaning software such as: CCleaner, Clean up, XCleaner, Glary Utilities, SlimCleaner, …

Each software will have its own instructions, you should refer to how to use each computer cleaning software before using it to be more effective.

So, you already know how to clean up your computer's garbage and the information above will hopefully help you know how garbage is? If you have any further questions, feel free to reply below!