The best way to use washing machine washing tub cleaning powder

Any household appliance requires you to clean and maintain it, so that it can work at its best. The washing machine is no exception. Let's find out specifically how to clean the washing machine with Dien May Xanh in the following article.


1 Why clean the washing machine?

Many people think that cleaning the washing machine is completely unnecessary because they think that the washing machine is specialized for washing clothes, so of course when the clothes are clean, the washing machine must also be "washed". However, that's not really the case!

Most of the dirt is discharged along with the wastewater through the pipe behind the machine, but there are still stubborn or lime-like dirt that will stick in the drum , which over time will accumulate and clog the washing machines. filter .

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The water used is not clean , so it leaves residue in your washing machine. If not handled in time, the residue can damage the internal components of the machine.

Air , air humidity can leave water vapor in your tub , preventing it from fully drying between loads.

These factors create a favorable environment for bacteria and fungi to grow. Therefore, cleaning the drum is very important.

2 How often to clean the washing machine drum once?

Cleaning washing machines really doesn't take much time because they will operate like normal washing cycles every day, your job is to prepare a few items and just press the start button to finish. .

However, for the washing machine to be perfectly cleaned, you should conduct regular cleaning of the machine on average every 2 weeks and do it one day before the next washing time is best.

3 Steps to perfect washing machine cleaning with specialized cleaning powder

Some current washing machines have automatic drum cleaning function or manual control. However, to thoroughly remove dirt and adhesives, you need the support of some other accessories such as: washing machine cleaning powder, warm water, vinegar,… Specific steps as follows:

Step 1: Take all clothes out of the washing machine, make sure the drum is free of clothes.

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Step 2: First of all, if your washing machine belongs to a machine with a hot water washing facility, fill it with hot water .

Depending on your washing machine program, you can use the machine's direct water source, or if you don't have it, you can use normal cold water, but the sterilization effect is not as high as hot water washing.

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Step 3: Pour the washing machine cleaning powder directly into the washing machine drum , be careful not to pour it into the detergent drawer or the softener compartment.

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Step 4: Let the machine run to self-clean the washing tub ( if any ) or a gentle spin program so that the water and cleaning powder are mixed well and the solution is absorbed into all the walls in the drum.

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Step 5: Stop the machine before it drains the water and soak it for 2-3 hours .

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Step 6: Finally, let the machine drain the water . Once the water has drained, leave the washing machine door open until the drum is completely dry .

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For washing machines with self -cleaning function, you just need to put the cleaning powder into the washing tub. Press the button to select the program "self-cleaning the washing tub" like that.

So you have completed the cleaning steps of the washing machine, ensuring that you will now receive a shiny washing tub. Make sure to clean the washing machine on a regular basis to keep it clean and your clothes really clean.