The fastest way to check the service and package Vinaphone is using

You want to check your VinaPhone package to have a reasonable plan to use the amount in your account, capacity or SMS? Please refer to the specific instructions below to know the fastest and most accurate package information!


1 Lookup via syntax

The simplest way to view VinaPhone packages is to text the switchboard. Customers follow these steps to check as follows: Open the phone number screen , dial *110# and press the call key (OK) .

After connecting, the switchboard will send customers information about current packages.

Tra cứu qua cú pháp

2 Call the operator

Call directly to 18001091 – this is VinaPhone's Hotline specializing in answering questions and supporting customers.

After following the instructions and connecting to meet the consultant, the consultant will give customers free advice on the necessary information about the packages being used.

Gọi tổng đài

VinaPhone's customer care and support call center is always open 24/7 , ready to advise and solve questions and provide information to customers. Therefore, just need to see VinaPhone package, customers should contact for information.

3 Check the carrier's website

Step 1: Access the website:

Step 2: Log in to your account, if you don't have an account, click register and follow the instructions.

Bước 2: Đăng nhập tài khoản

Step 3: After logging in, select “Price plan – Value-added service” >> “Price plan” >> “Personal” >> Look up information.

Here, customers will look up necessary information such as account balance, capacity, SMS, call minutes, … to continue using in the most convenient way.

4 Check on My VNPT app

Step 1: Download the My VNPT app to your phone:

  • If it is iOS operating system download here .
  • If using Android operating system download here .

Kiểm tra trên ứng dụng My VNPT

Step 2: Install the application. After successful installation, customers register or log in to the application

Step 3: After accessing, at the interface screen, customers select Menu > Manage account/package > Personal information .

Above are 4 ways to view the package VinaPhone is using simple, easy to implement, helping customers save maximum time and still get the necessary information!