The gas stove is on fire. The cause and how to fix it

Although the gas stove is turned to high, the fire is still weak, which is one of the common diseases. So what is the cause of the small gas stove and how to fix it? Please find out in the following article.


1 gas tank is about to run out

The main reason is that the gas tank is about to run out, the main reason is that you use it for a long time , consume gas materials and do not replace the new tank, causing insufficient gas and making the fire weak. When the gas is about to run out, it will reduce the suction pressure in the gas tank, which leads to too little gas, not enough to help the fire burn large.

How to fix :

  • You lift the gas tank slightly to check, if the weight of the tank is light, it means that the gas in the tank is about to run out.
  • You only need to use up all the gas in the tank and replace the new gas tank to overcome the small fire problem of the gas stove.

Bình gas sắp hết

2 Gas tank valve open too little

The cause of the gas cylinder valve opening too little: During use, you turn the gas valve too tight, making the gas in the tank cannot escape with great pressure.

How to fix :

  • You adjust the gas cylinder valve so that the gas is released with a moderate pressure.
  • Do not tighten the gas too tightly, it will make the gas pressure cannot be increased, on the contrary, you do not turn too loose, it will consume a lot of gas, the gas can spread out into the environment causing danger.

Van bình gas mở quá ít

3 Gas pipes are folded or blocked

The gas pipe is bent due to insertion or blockage of the pipe, which may be caused by long-term use without replacing the new pipe.

How to fix:

  • Check the condition of the gas pipe for bends, blockages or broken pipes.
  • If it is bent and blocked, adjust the hose to straighten it .
  • The duct is too old, it needs to be replaced, both to ensure safety and to help the air out more evenly.
  • It is best to replace the gas hose every 8 to 12 months .

Ống dẫn gas bị gập hay nghẹt ống

4 Burner is dirty, fire outlet is blocked

Dirty burners, blocked fire outlet can be caused by the following main reasons:

  • Long-term use causes excess grease to stick to.
  • Cooking food with too high a flame or during frying may cause food or grease to spill out.
  • Not cleaning regularly.
  • The burner is too old, causing the fire outlet to be blocked.

How to fix :

  • First, you need to lock the gas and remove the stove bracket. If you find the tip is too dirty, proceed to use a brush and sharp needle to clean the fire exit slots.
  • If the burner of the gas stove is too old, replace it with a new one, both to help the flame emit more powerfully and to save gas.

Đầu đốt bị bẩn, tắc khe thoát lửa

5 Choking gas injectors

If you have checked all of the above reasons and found that the gas stove still gives a small fire, then check the gas injectors to see if they are clogged or not. Blocked gas injectors can be caused by long-term use, you do not check and clean them regularly.

To fix the above situation, please apply the following solutions :

  • You need to take out the gas injector, if you do not have professional techniques, please ask for the help of a professional repairman to ensure safety.
  • If you are knowledgeable in this area, you can lock the gas, remove the stove bracket, the burner, and then use the screw to remove the pipe assembly and the wind adjustment lever below the burner. Then, use a needle, soap, gasoline and dry to remove dirt, food residue and reinstall normally.

When you have done all the above remedies but still can't fix the small fire that occurs on the gas stove, you need to bring it to a repair center to be fixed quickly and safely.

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Hopefully the above article will help you understand the cause and fix the small fire that occurs on the gas stove. Any questions, please leave a comment below!