The simplest and fastest way to compress and decompress files [RAR, ZIP, PDF]

Compressing and decompressing files is an indispensable job every time you work on a computer or laptop. That will help save space, and organize files more neatly. So, today, We will guide you on how to compress and decompress RAR, ZIP, and PDF files simply and quickly.


1 Detailed instructions on how to compress and decompress with WinRar

How to compress files

To compress files with WinRar, you need to download this software to your computer or laptop

  • Download WinRar software here .

Once downloaded, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Right-click on the file (file) you want to compress and select Add to Archive to compress the file.

Nhấp chuột phải vào file (thư mục) muốn nén và chọn Add to Archive.

Step 2: On the General tab, right in the Archive format section, you can choose to compress it to a Rar or Zip file.

Ở tab General, ngay mục Archive format, bạn có thể chọn nén thành file đuôi Rar hoặc Zip.

Step 3: If you want to set a password when extracting the file, select Set password.

Chọn vào Set password để thiết lập mật khẩu

Step 4: Enter and re-enter the password you want, then click OK .

Bạn chọn vào Set password và nhập mật khẩu bạn muốn

Step 5: After Set password, click Ok to finish .

Nhấp OK để hoàn tất nén file

How to unzip files?

There are 3 ways to extract but first you need to right click on the zipped folder .

3 lựa chọn để giải nén tệp tin

2 Instructions to compress and decompress PDF files online

How to compress PDF files online

Step 1: Visit SmallPDF website to compress PDF files here .

Step 2: Click Drop PDF here to select the PDF file you want to compress.

Nhấn chọn Drop PDF here để chọn file PDF bạn muốn nén

Then select the PDF file from your computer.

Chọn file PDF bạn muốn nén

Step 3: Choose the Basic compression version or the Pro only version (if you are a Pro member, there is a fee), then click Choose options to compress the file.

Chọn bản Basic Compression hoặc Pro only sau đó chọn Choose options để nén file PDF

Step 4: After successful compression, you just need to click DOWLOAD to download the new PDF file .

Sau khi nén thành công, bạn hãy download về nhé

Above is an article that shows you how to compress and decompress [RAR, ZIP, PDF] files simply and quickly. Hope this helps in your work!