The simplest and most detailed way to start a motorcycle that has not been used for a long time

After a long time you do not use motorbikes or scooters, all of them have the same case that the engine does not start up. GREEN Electric Machine will inform you about the most simple and detailed causes and solutions, please refer to it!


1 Causes of motorcycle difficulty starting and how to fix it

There are four reasons why motorcycles are difficult to start such as:

The weather turns cold, causing fuel to be affected

Cold weather leads to the engine being cold, making it difficult for the gasoline in the car to evaporate to create carburetor. Therefore, the engine is at a cold temperature and the gasoline is also at a low temperature, which is the first cause of the car not being able to restart the engine.

Thời tiết chuyển sang lạnh khiến nhiên liệu bị ảnh hưởng

Solution: Before you start the car, turn off the lights so that the electricity from the battery concentrates on the starter. Next, you pull all the way down (the lever under the left handlebar) to increase fuel. Then, you pedal the start lever about 3-5 times in combination with turning the throttle with the same rhythm at 1/4 of the throttle. Finally, you press the car start button.

Batteries run out of power

The second reason is that the battery has run out of power when pressing the start button, the car sound is very weak or not up. Or you press the horn or turn on the turn signal very weak or no signal.

Bình ắc quy hết điện

How to fix: You can turn off the car engine to rest for 3-5 minutes and restart. If it is still not up, take it to the car repair shop to change the battery!

Ignition spark plug problem

The third cause is the spark plug. Spark plugs are considered the most important part for a motorcycle to be able to start. May not be used for a long time, causing the spark plugs to be damaged or soot to stick a lot.

Bugi đánh lửa gặp vấn đề

How to fix: Check spark plugs and go to the center or car repair shop to replace the new one.

Because the car is clogged with gas

The fourth reason is that the car is left for a long time, leading to more gas than the amount of gas in the fuel tank, also known as the phenomenon of gas suffocation. Although the ignition is still good, it is difficult to get on the engine.

How to fix: Please lock the motorcycle gas and turn off the throttle and start a few times to start the car. The car engine will have a rattling sound and then it will stabilize.

2 Tips for restarting a motorcycle

Clean motorcycle regularly, oil fully

You should wash your car monthly to prevent the car from getting dirty, leading to dust jamming the engine. In addition, you should also bring your car for regular maintenance and oiling to keep it in the best condition.

Vệ sinh xe máy thường xuyên, tra dầu đầy đủ

Check the fuel in the tank

Before you use or are in the process of use, you should pay regular attention to the gasoline indicator line of the motorcycle so that you can timely refuel so as not to affect your time. If you do not pay attention, the car will run out of gas which is also the cause of the car shutting down.

Kiểm tra xăng trong bình

Turn on the key and wait for the fuel pump system to work

Many people use motorbikes, they often turn on the engine and use it to make the car not have time to pump gas, leading to a long-term situation of gas suffocation, making the car degraded. So, before using, please open the car for 2-3 minutes and then use it!

Bật chìa khóa và chờ hệ thống bơm xăng hoạt động

Use the pedal to start the bike

This is the fastest way to get the gasoline in the car to be pumped into the combustion chamber. Before starting the engine, you should pedal the bike pedal so that the gasoline is pumped into the chamber. Then start the car and use it.

Sử dụng cần đạp để khởi động xe

Battery charger

When the vehicle is used, there are signs such as weak throttle or using features such as horns, turn signals, … that are weak or unusable. The cause is the battery. You check and charge the battery is the battery. Then you restart the car everything will be normal.

Sạc điện bình ắc quy

Above, the article has shared some of the simplest and most detailed ways to start a motorcycle that has not been used for a long time. If you have any comments or questions you want to share, just comment in the section below and the staff of Dien May XANH will answer in the fastest time!