Unexpected benefits of putting new jeans in the freezer

You often think that the refrigerator is only responsible for freezing and preserving food. However, the refrigerator can clean clothes very effectively. Especially with Jeans when newly bought and put in the freezer, it will make the color difficult to fade, which is something that not everyone knows.


1 Effect when putting jeans in the refrigerator

When storing and cleaning jeans in the refrigerator, it sounds strange and odd, but just putting your new clothes in the refrigerator, especially jeans, is an unexpectedly good way to keep the color of your clothes.

Cho đồ Jean vào tủ lạnh

Putting jeans and jeans in the refrigerator not only helps them stay as beautiful as new, not faded, helps eliminate unpleasant odors, without having to wash them many times, helping them to fade longer.

When washing clothes, you often think that using a lot of detergents , washing powder, washing liquid, … a lot will make clothes clean stubborn stains. But using these too much will cause the temperature to rise, speeding up the process of detergents in soap with clothes. This causes new clothes to fade faster .

So when you buy new clothes, especially jeans, put them in a plastic bag or zip bag and immediately put them in the freezer for a few hours , longer than you can overnight. After that, you should take them out to wash as usual to get the best color retention effect.

2 How to store jeans in the refrigerator

Step 1. When you first buy jeans, before you wash them for the first time, you should fold them up and then put them in a zippered plastic bag.

Gấp gọn đồ và bỏ vào túi nilong

Step 2. Then you put the jeans in the freezer for about 1 night . However, this method still cannot clean jeans completely, so you need to take the next step of washing .

Cho đồ vào ngăn đá tủ lạnh

Step 3. To make the jeans last longer, soak the jeans in warm water and add a little vinegar . You should soak for about 1 hour and then wash in warm water again so that jeans are better protected and do not fade during use.

3 Tips to take care of jeans in other ways

How to preserve jeans with salt water?

When buying jeans as well as many other clothes when using for the first time, you should not wash with soap immediately , but you should use dilute salt water and soak the jeans in it for a few hours. Doing so will help prevent the fabric from fading and keep it looking as good as new.

Giặt đồ Jean bằng muối

You just need to put a few tablespoons of salt in a bowl of cold water then stir well and let the jeans soak in it for about 1 hour. Then you can take the pants out and wash them by hand gently.

How to preserve jeans with vinegar

Just like soaking jeans with salt, you can use vinegar to soak . Add a few tablespoons of vinegar, stir well with the water, and then soak the jeans.

Giặt đồ Jean với Giấm

This way the jeans will always have a lasting color. After soaking with vinegar, you wash it with soap to remove the smell of vinegar . However, you need to rinse it off with plenty of water and several times. Otherwise, the smell of sour vinegar will follow your items, causing an unpleasant feeling.

4 Notes when washing jeans

– With jeans you can wear many times before washing. Limiting washing will help your jeans last longer and always look new.

Machine-washed jeans will fade quickly and spoil quickly more. Therefore, before washing, it is necessary to turn the pants inside out, pull all the zippers and fasten the buttons.

When washing jeans, you should use plenty of water . Rinse in warm water first, then put in cold water.

– When your jeans unfortunately have a small stain, instead of washing the whole thing, you can use a brush, dip it in soap and rub it directly on the stain .

– You should choose detergents, soaps with low alkalinity and do not use bleach to avoid excessive washing, jeans are easily faded.

– You should dry your jeans in the shade . Although it takes longer to dry, it will help keep your jeans looking new.

Hopefully the above article will help you in storing jeans in the refrigerator and the notes when washing jeans. For any questions or to order products, please comment below!