Washing machine has an error of continuous water discharge – Causes and solutions

After a period of use, suddenly your washing machine has an error of continuous water discharge. This not only wastes water, but also makes washing clothes still not clean. Green Machine would like to suggest a few tips below to help you fix this error effectively.


1 Source of contaminated water

The water supply to the washing machine contains a lot of dirt , soil , and stones , which is the cause of the drain valve being stuck, not closing properly, so no matter how much water is supplied, it is discharged.

How to fix:

To fix this situation, you first need to clean the water supply tank, make sure the water supply to the washing machine is clean, otherwise the dirt will make the rubber valve stick to moss, mold, and alum.

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Next, you should clean the washing machine again, completely removing the dirt inside the drum as well as the soil and stones that stick around the drain valve leaf. However, the best way to completely solve this problem is to disassemble the washing machine , clean each component , then reinstall and operate the machine to see if it works stably.

2 Rubber valve stuck due to lint

After a period of using the washing machine, lint and dirt or moss will stick to the rubber valve of the water pipe, even foreign objects in the clothes will fall off, causing the valve to not close properly, causing water to leak. continuously flows into the drum.

How to fix:

To solve this problem, you should check and clean the rubber valve regularly to limit and promptly remove lint, dirt, and moss.

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3 Rubber valve hardening

If you check where the rubber valve is not stuck, it is possible that the valve is hardened due to long-term use, making the springs mushy, or the rubber foil of the exhaust valve is aging and no longer elastic, leading to valve failure. If the closure is not tight, the water in the washing tub will drain out continuously.

How to fix:

The solution to this cause is to replace the drain valve with a new one, note that you should use genuine parts, the same model as the washing machine to ensure stability as well as avoid damage to other components on the washing machine.

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4 The position of the washing machine is not correct

The location of the washing machine also affects the continuous flushing of the washing machine. When users set the washing machine too high, resulting in low water pressure and having to remove the water filter to make the water flow faster, the water source is not guaranteed to be clean, so the water valve is easier to get stuck.

How to fix:

The solution in this case is that you should put the washing machine in a suitable position for full water pressure and without removing the filter.

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5 The washing machine board is faulty

The washing machine board is considered as the brain that controls all activities of the washing machine. Normally, the drain valve works by the pull-out motor, in the washing cycle, the circuit board will not supply power to the pull-out motor, at this time the drain valve is closed, the water is kept in the washing tub.

In case the washing machine board is faulty , the drain pull motor is energized during the washing cycle, resulting in the washing machine draining water continuously.

How to fix:

There are many reasons why the washing machine board is faulty or damaged. If your washing machine has an error related to the circuit board, you should call a technician to check the board and run the washing program again.

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6 Component life is already high

One of the other reasons is that the washing machine is too old , the component life is long. Specifically, the rubber layer where the valve leaf is too old makes the valve leaf hard, unable to open or close.

How to fix:

To overcome this cause, you need to replace the drain valve and the long-used components of the washing machine.

Liên hệ thợ để sửa máy giặt

Should regularly clean and maintain the washing machine to ensure that the machine does not have problems and the clothes are always washed clean. If you have any questions, please contact your consultant immediately.