Washing machine not running? The cause and how to fix it

If your washing machine suddenly stops working or fails, there are a few tips you can try before calling the repair center. Maybe it's just our usage habits that lead to this washing machine not running.


1 Signs that the washing machine is not running

A washing machine that is not running can be easily identified when:

  • The machine has plugged in the power cord, switches to the washing mode without any signal and the lights do not light up.
  • The machine has plugged in the power cord and switched to washing mode, the light is also on, but pressing the Start button does not work.

Máy giặt không chạy

2 Causes and ways to fix the washing machine not running

There are many reasons why your washing machine does not work and most of them do not come from the fault of the manufacturer but from our usage habits. Here are a few common causes:

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Washing machine does not power on

The first thing you should do when you see that the washing machine has no power is to check the power cord of the washing machine. Look closely to see if the wire has been broken open by a rat bite or is loose.

Máy giặt không vào nguồn

You should also check the outlet, the power source that you are using to power your washing machine. Then press the Start /Pause button on the washing machine again a few times.

If, after carefully checking, the device still does not power on, you should think about calling a reputable repair unit or a service center.

The washing machine does not supply water or lacks water

The washing machine has been programmed in case the washing machine's water level sensor detects that there is no water, then proceed to lock the start function of the washing machine to ensure the correct washing cycle.

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When the washing machine is not supplying water, you need to check the water tank for water; or if the tank is empty, pump up the water to make sure there is enough water for the washing machine, then restart the machine .

The lid of the washing machine is not closed or does not close properly

For safety reasons, manufacturers will set the washing machine to start only when the door (cover) of the drum is closed. So make sure you close the drum door when you press the start button.

Cửa (nắp) máy giặt không được đóng kín

The load of laundry is too much for the weight allowed

This is the most common error among users. We often have the habit of trying to put many clothes in the washing machine to wash at once to save electricity and water, especially when washing blankets, blankets, pillowcases.

Cho quá nhiều quần áo vào máy giặt làm quá tải

This is actually a bad habit because it is not only harmful to the washing machine but also makes your clothes not clean. Therefore, users should pay attention to the clothes in the washing machine with the right volume and balance to avoid the clothes being wrapped and blocking the washing machine.

The washing tub is channeled

A channeled tub also prevents the washing machine from spinning. If you put the clothes in an angle that makes the washing machine drum not scale, the machine will not work.

If you encounter this situation, please adjust the clothes in the washing tub to balance and restart the machine.

Lồng giặt máy giặt bị kênh

The belt, the washing machine motor is broken

This is a cause that no one wants to have and also rarely happens. To check, you need to remove the cover behind the washing machine (for ) or turn the bottom of the washing machine up (for ) to check.

The belt is a piece of wire that acts as a transmission from the engine to the washing tub, after a long time of use, this belt may loosen and fall or break. You can check the type of belt that the machine is using and buy another one yourself or ask the repair unit to replace it at a cost of several hundred thousand.

Dây curoa, động cơ máy giặt bị hỏng

As for the type, they do not use belts. Your only recourse is to call the repair center. However, washing machines using this motor are usually very durable and rarely damage the motor.

Start switch not working

When using the washing machine, you must press the start switch to start the washing machine. If you have pressed this button and the washing machine does not change anything, there may be a problem with the start switch.

Công tắc khởi động không hoạt động

To fix it, use a meter to check if the circuit is in the correct position or not if the washing machine is not running.

The control circuit, touch system, components of the washing machine are faulty

If your washing machine does not fall into one of the above cases but still does not work, it is likely that your washing machine has a fault related to the control circuit, machine components, touch system.

Mạch điều khiển, hệ thống cảm ứng và linh kiện bị hỏng

For this error, you should not repair your washing machine yourself without having professional qualifications in this area, instead, you need to call a washing machine repair service to fix it.

The detergent drawer does not close

In front-loading washing machines, the detergent compartment is usually outside the drum. Therefore, if this compartment is not closed, the machine will not be able to operate because there is no detergent .

Make sure the detergent drawer is closed before starting the washing machine.

Ngăn bột giặt không đóng kín

Above are the common reasons why your washing machine cannot run, start or spin. If you have any questions, leave a comment below to be answered!