Washing machine not spinning? The cause and how to fix it

In the process of use, sometimes the washing machine has finished washing, but when taking it out to dry, it is found that the clothes are still full of water because the washing machine does not spin. Why is that? Find out the cause and simple tips to fix this problem.


1 Water inlet pipe is blocked

Normally, the washing machine will pre-wash the clothes in the first washing water and then continue to pump water to wash the entire cycle. If there is no water input, the machine will automatically stop at the prewash step and will not spin the clothes.

Đường ống dẫn nước đầu vào bị tắc nghẽn

How to fix: The simple thing is to check the pipe and water supply valve for blockage or not, and at the same time, pay attention to clean the filter element at the water supply head if it is detected to have a lot of dirt.

2 Obstruction in exhaust pipe, exhaust valve

As a place for water to escape from the drum, if the drain hose or drain valve is blocked, water will be trapped inside the drum, making the machine unable to spin clothes.

Tắc nghẽn ở ống xả, van xả

How to fix: You need to check if you have removed the exhaust pipe, if the exhaust pipe is bent or stuck inside or not. If you have checked and found no problems with the exhaust pipe, you should contact the service and repair center for quick support.

3 Do not close the door (cover) of the washing machine

One of the mistakes that make the washing machine not spin that we often commit is not closing the door (cover) of the washing machine. In order to protect the safety of users, especially families with young children, manufacturers only allow the extractor when the door is closed.

How to fix: When you finish preparing for a load of laundry, you should pay attention to check that the washing machine door is closed.

Không đóng kín cửa (nắp) máy giặt

4 Belt, motor broken

For washing machines that use belts (normal washing machines), after a period of use, the belt will stretch and may slip out of the motor, worse, break, making the machine unable to spin. squeeze. If you are using a washing machine of this type, you can replace the belt by yourself according to the instructions.

Dây đai động cơ bị hỏng

If you own a direct-drive washing machine, it could be because they have motor damage. At this time, you should ask the warranty and repair center to check the inside, and at the same time ensure your safety.

5 Washing machine program is faulty

This is a very rare occurrence. It can be an error from the manufacturer, but it can also be because you accidentally put magnetic devices such as magnets, phones on the control panel where the washing machine's program memory is located (common in top-loading washing machines). ) causes the program to crash.

How to fix :

You need to immediately contact the warranty and customer care center for assistance in restoring the program.

Chương trình máy giặt bị lỗi

6 Clothes placed out of proportion

Clothes that are not properly placed or are overloaded can result in the washing machine not spinning. Each type of washing machine has its own load capacity, but sometimes during the washing process, users do not pay attention and put clothes in too much compared to the allowable volume as well as unbalanced, skewed to one side. resulting in the washing tub not performing the spin process.

Quần áo cần đặt cân đối

How to fix : Users should pay attention to the clothes in the washing machine with the right volume and balance to avoid the clothes being wrapped and causing the washing machine to clog.

7 Installation position is not stable

The washing machine does not spin because the position of the machine is not flat. When the washing machine is tilted, it can not only make the machine not spin, but also make a loud noise when the machine is in operation.

Lắp đặt máy giặt ở vị trí bằng phẳng

How to fix : Check the position of the washing machine, if the plane is not balanced, move the device to another place. A tilted washing machine can also be caused by rust on the base of the machine, you should weld the rusty place to create a balance for the machine.

Based on the above causes and solutions, Dien May XANH hopes that you will have more experience to handle the situation of the washing machine not spinning for your family.