Washing machine vibrates and makes loud noises when washing? The cause and how to fix it

When the washing machine is in operation, the drum is rotated at a fast speed to easily remove stains on clothes. However, if the washing machine vibrates strongly and makes a loud noise when washing, you should find out the cause and how to fix it to avoid making the washing machine worse!


1 9 causes of vibrations on washing machines

Here are 9 common causes of vibration on the washing machine along with solutions that you can apply immediately:

Place the washing machine on an uneven position


If the washing machine can placed on a rough surface will cause the drum to tilt easily and the drum will tend to collide with the washing machine shell when operating, thereby causing a loud noise.

How to fix:

  • Check the surface of the washing machine location. If it is not flat, you can move the washing machine to another position or balance it.
  • You can also reinforce the location of the washing machine by lining it with hardwood boards or pouring hard concrete to ensure a firm surface, without affecting the operation of the washing machine.

Đặt máy giặt ở vị trí không bằng phẳng

Using non-standard washing machine feet


In addition to checking the flatness of the floor, you should also check the washing machine's feet – this is the part that attaches to the bottom of the washing machine's barrel.

It can be said that if you use non-standard or damaged washing machine feet , they will all cause the drum to tilt, thereby causing strong vibrations when the machine is operating.

How to fix:

Check the foot of the washing machine, if it is loose, use it to tighten the screw, if it is damaged, you should replace it with a new one right away!

Sử dụng chân máy giặt không chuẩn

Uneven arrangement of clothes in the drum or overloaded clothes


Each washing machine can handle different laundry loads depending on the product you are using.

That is, you should not put too much laundry in the drum , more than the washing capacity that the machine can handle. This habit will affect the cleaning effect of the clothes and the durability of the product.

In addition, the lack of classification of clothes and the uneven arrangement of clothes can easily cause the clothes to be twisted together , which can then be pushed to one side during the washing process, causing eccentricity and causing the drum to tilt. Therefore, the washing machine will vibrate strongly and make a loud noise when operating.

Dàn đồ không đều trong lồng giặt hoặc đồ bị quá tải gây máy giặt bị rung lắc

How to fix:

  • It is recommended to sort clothes before washing, both to ensure the fabric of the clothes, and to minimize the tangling after washing.
  • Check the load of clothes to be washed to avoid exceeding the washing capacity of the machine.
  • Clothes can be placed in the same direction in the washing tub to contribute to minimizing the tangling of clothes after washing.
  • It is necessary to suspend the washing program if the washing machine detects that the washing machine makes a loud noise and shakes strongly, in order to promptly adjust the laundry inside the drum.

Dàn đồ không đều trong lồng giặt hoặc đồ bị quá tải

Front loading washing machine is installed incorrectly or has not removed the set screw when installing


If the line is installed the wrong way or the screw has not been removed because during the installation of the machine, it can also cause the drum to vibrate strongly and make noise.

How to fix:

  • Read the product manual carefully or seek the assistance of a technician to make sure the washing machine is installed correctly.
  • Check the set of screws when installing the front loading washing machine.

Máy giặt cửa ngang lắp sai cách hoặc chưa tháo ốc định vị khi lắp đặt

Foreign objects left in the drum


The omission of foreign objects inside the drum easily causes them to collide with the wall of the drum when the machine is operating, thereby causing noise.

Even sharp, metal objects can easily cause the drum to be scratched and damaged, and also affect the durability of clothes after washing.

How to fix:

Check the drum and clothes pockets to make sure there are no foreign objects such as keys, pens, stones, aluminum clips, etc., left before you start the washing machine.

Các vật thể lạ còn sót lại trong lồng giặt

Damaged shock absorber spring


The washing machine shock absorber is a device that absorbs the vibrations generated by the washing tub, helping to reduce shocks and vibrations. Therefore, when this part is damaged, it will cause the washing machine to lose its balance, easy to hit hard when spinning at high speed, thereby emitting a loud noise.

How to fix:

You should immediately contact the service and repair center for a technician to check, repair or replace the washing machine shock absorber.

Hư lò xo giảm xóc

Shock Absorbers

The water supply to the washing machine is not enough


The situation of water supply into the washing machine is not enough due to low water supply or the habit of saving water because the user arbitrarily chooses a lower water level , causing the washing cycle to not take place smoothly (because there is not enough water to create cause friction between the clothes and the drum).

Therefore, the washing machine will make a loud noise when washing and rinsing clothes.

How to fix:

  • It is advisable to let the washing machine measure the required amount of water in accordance with the volume of clothes in the drum, avoiding the optional water level option because you want to save electricity.
  • Check the quality of the water source and clean the water pipes and washing machine periodically to avoid deposits and dirt that affect the operation of the washing machine.

Nước cấp vào máy giặt không đủ

The washing machine is damaged or too old


Old or broken washing machines are also the cause of strong vibrations and loud noises along with many other signs of damage that you may encounter.

How to fix:

  • It is recommended to check and periodically, like every 3 – 6 months, to promptly detect abnormal signs of washing machines, thereby saving repair costs compared to their more serious damage.
  • You should consider replacing the washing machine with a new one if you have used the device for too long (more than 8 years) , especially the old washing machine line is no longer popular on the market because when the components are broken, it is difficult to find to repair. or replace.

Máy giặt hư hoặc quá cũ

The core and bearing parts are broken


Bearings have many important roles in a washing machine, such as assisting in smooth motor movement and rotation, while also reducing friction and effectively carrying loads. Therefore, when the core and bearing parts are broken , the washing machine will make loud noises and strong vibrations .

How to fix:

To check and replace this part, you need to have refrigeration knowledge and it is best to contact the technical staff at the refrigeration repair service center for the earliest support.

Bộ phận cốt và bạc đạn bị vỡ

Should the washing machine be repaired when it is shaken at home?

Washing machine shaking seems to be a very normal thing when washing clothes. However, you should not take this problem lightly because it can damage internal components as well as reduce the life of the washing machine.

Therefore, you need to detect it early and fix it quickly to effectively clean clothes as well as ensure product durability.

In case, you do not have a clear understanding of professional knowledge, it is best to ask a refrigeration technician to assist you , avoiding the situation that the error becomes more serious, causing costly repair costs.

Có nên tự sửa máy giặt khi bị rung lắc tại nhà không?

3 Notes when dealing with vibrations on washing machines

When dealing with vibration on the washing machine, you need to pay attention to a few more issues as follows:

  • Choose a position to place the washing machine flat and firm so as not to affect the operation of the machine.
  • Install the washing machine properly, following the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Check clothes pockets and drums for hard, sharp objects.
  • Clean the washing machine periodically and should replace the washing machine if it has been used for too long.
  • Avoid repairing the washing machine by yourself if you do not have enough professional knowledge, in order to limit the situation of washing machine errors worse, causing costly repair costs.
  • Should replace and choose genuine parts to ensure the operation of the machine when operating.

Những lưu ý khi khắc phục tình trạng rung lắc trên máy giặt

Hopefully the above sharing has helped you understand the causes and how to fix the washing machine shaking strongly and making loud noises when washing. If you have any doubts about the product, please leave a comment below so that Dien May XANH will assist you soon.