What are ebooks? What stands out from regular books? How to view ebooks?

Ebook is a type of electronic book used through personal electronic devices such as personal computers, smartphones. So what is an Ebook to understand better? What stands out from regular books? How to view Ebook? This article will answer all of the above questions.


1 What is an Ebook?

Ebook is a type of electronic book that is used through personal devices such as computers, smartphones, . Although this is one of many types of books, it is considered an electronic file and is designed to look like real books but are digital files.

Đọc sách trên sách điện tử Ebook

Unlike regular paper books, e-books come in many different formats. To be more specific, the book has many file extensions such as PDF, PRC LIT, etc.

2 What's outstanding about Ebooks compared to regular books?

Low price

As can be seen, the price of ebooks is usually much cheaper, less than half the price of paper books. Books also do not deteriorate over time.

Ebook có giá thành rẻ hơn so với sách giấy

Read books anytime, anywhere

With Ebook, users will no longer have to worry about not being able to bring books out because they are too bulky as often found in paper books. Just have a smart device such as smartphone, tablet, laptop. You can take your “bookstore” anywhere.

Ebook có thể

Provide maximum audio and visual material

Documents and books can be easily searched and accessed by Ebook with a rich source of information online.

Besides, Ebook books also provide maximum audio-visual materials such as printed words, images, experimental videos , …

Good for foreign language learners

For those who like to read foreign books to improve their foreign language ability, ebook is the perfect choice. Because the ebook integrates a dictionary for readers to look up words, pronounce immediately and always , there are also contextual definitions .

Học tiếng anh thuận tiện hơn với Ebook

Connect and share books more easily

Ebooks can be linked to help users move from page to page of the website quickly.

In addition, sharing Ebooks online is also easier with simple integrated buttons on the network, which can share document files with other users on social networks.

Chia sẻ sách đơn giản hơn

3 How to view Ebook?

First of all, users need to equip themselves with a device to install Ebook e-reading software such as computers, tablets, smartphones… Or if you feel it is more necessary, you can buy one right away. The machine reads books without downloading Ebook support apps.

For smart phones and tablets: users often download Kindle apps to support reading Ebooks or similar apps used to read ebooks such as Moon+ Reader, Google Play Book, FBReader . All of these apps can be downloaded for free on the App Store or CH Play.

App Kindle hỗ trợ đọc Ebook

For laptops and desktop computers, Foxit Reader, Adobe Reader , … can be used to open electronic Ebook files after downloading.

The source of free Ebook books online is very vast and rich, you can go to the following pages to find your favorite books such as: tve4u.org, sachvui.com (source of domestic books). www.free-ebooks.net, loyalbooks.com, gutenberg.org (source of foreign books).

In particular , the website ww7.comicsdownload.org is for those who love and look for interesting comic books.

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