What does it mean to wear a watch on the left or right hand? Which hand is more convenient?

Until now, whether to wear a watch on the right or left hand is still a matter of controversy. So, does it make sense to wear a watch on the left or right hand and which watch should be worn? The following article will give you completely reasonable suggestions.


Does wearing left or right hand mean anything?

Wearing a watch on the left or right hand has no special meaning. Only a few cultures require that jewelry (including watches) be worn on the right hand like the Irish. This is just a habit, gradually becoming a cultural practice in this country.

In Vietnam and almost all other countries, it is not a problem to wear left and right hands.

Đeo tay trái hay tai phải có ý nghĩa gì không

2 Which hand is the watch designed for?

In fact, if there is no special need to wear a watch on the right hand, it is still advisable to wear a watch on the left hand because 99.9% of watches are designed for wearing on the left hand.

The watch is designed with a crown that is placed at the 3 o'clock position , where the right hand is easy to pull off the scale, so it is best to wear it on the left hand. Wearing the watch on the left will not cause entanglement, more convenient for the right hand to move, work, adjust, wind up …

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Is the watch hand gender dependent?

Which hand to wear a watch is completely independent of gender, but must consider other factors such as living habits, dominant hand, national culture, and equally important, personal preferences. each person.

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A statistic shows that up to 90% of people today often wear a watch on their left hand to facilitate daily tasks such as driving a car, writing, using a mouse, etc. excavator tools for the right hand. That is also a way to protect a few watches from scratches caused by little movement of the left hand.

Besides, for those who prefer mechanical watches who often have to wind up and adjust the watch , wearing a left-handed watch becomes a habit to make it more convenient to use.

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In short, both men and women often wear watches on the left hand more often. But for those who want to wear the right hand with the intention of creating accents to express their personality or personal preferences, it is okay to wear the right hand, but you should pay attention during operation, work should be light. Be careful not to let the watch scratch, damage, reduce the life of the watch.

Above is an article explaining which watch to wear? Does a boy or a girl influence whether to wear the left or right hand?. Hope this article provides you with useful and interesting information.