When the water heater is not hot? The cause and how to fix it

You want to quickly immerse yourself in the relaxing hot water after a stressful working day, but suddenly today your home's water heater is not hot. Let's find out the cause and how to fix it together with us.


1 Power is lost, the water heater does not come on

One of the first things to check when it’s not hot is the power supply. If the water heater does not receive the input power, the water heater cannot heat the water. To be able to fix this, you need to check the following locations:

+ Check the anti-shock device of the hot and cold water heater is disconnected or not, when detecting an electric leak, the ELCB of the machine will automatically disconnect the power to the water heater.

Kiểm tra thiết bị chống giật ELCB

+ Use an electrical tester to check if there is input power at the plug.

+ Is the power cord broken or bitten by a mouse? If so, immediately replace the wire with a new one.

2 Using the capacity of the water heater

If your family uses a hot and cold water heater, and the bottle must work to heat it up continuously, too much capacity for a long time will damage the part of the burner. At this point, you turn off the input power and temporarily stop using it for 1 hour then turn it back on. If the water is still not hot, you should contact the manufacturer for a warranty and repair. Absolutely do not arbitrarily open the water heater and repair it because it may cause danger to you.

3 The water pressure at the place is too strong

Places where the water pressure is too strong, especially in apartments, will cause the resistance bar of the water heater to fail to heat up to heat the water. This only happens with. You need to adjust the amount of water and pump the pressure so that the water pressure is just enough for the tank to heat the water.

điều chỉnh lại lượng nước bằng van cấp nước

4 The heating rod of the water heater is broken

The case of a broken burner can be considered the most common case mentioned if the water heater is not hot. The cause of the broken heating element is that the hot and cold water heater is short-circuited, using too much capacity or the power unit is not working properly. The only way to fix it is to replace the burner with a new one.

5 Other cases

In addition, there are cases that make the water heater not hot such as broken control board, temperature control button, broken resistor bar, … When you encounter these problems, you should disconnect the power supply and contact the company. manufacturer or service center for processing assistance. Do not attempt to repair it yourself because it will cause unfortunate dangers.

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The above article is a few common causes of hot water heaters not heating. Do you want to share or need more advice? Please comment below.