Lan Khuê and Hà Tăng’s preference in áo dài: One loves femininity, the other goes for a loose fit

Hà Tăng and Lan Khuê have both found elegant and sophisticated designs that complement their high-class image as celebrity icons.


Tăng Thanh Hà and Lan Khuê are two famous celebrity daughters-in-law, especially both of them always impress with their personal styles. Although they are both celebrity daughters-in-law, the fashion tastes of Hà Tăng and Lan Khuê are very different, even completely opposite. This can be seen most clearly through the way these two beauties choose the traditional Vietnamese dress, áo dài.

Lan Khuê

She tends towards femininity, especially with modernized versions of áo dài that have decorative details on the collar and sleeves, such as off-the-shoulder áo dài, overlapping collar áo dài, puffed sleeve áo dài, or winged sleeve áo dài. These áo dài designs have very stylish accents, especially with a sleek silhouette and cinched waist to accentuate the 32-year-old beauty’s perfect figure.

In terms of colors, Lan Khuê’s Áo dài for Tết usually come in subtle and vibrant shades such as white, beige, yellow, or green. She also cleverly mixes them with branded handbags to enhance her stylish and fashionable appearance. It can be said that Lan Khuê’s choice of Áo dài for Tết is suitable for gentle, graceful, and elegant ladies.

Hà Tăng

As someone who enjoys a basic style, it is not surprising that she has a strong passion for simple flowing áo dài designs. The advantage of this style is its loose-fitting silhouette, providing a sense of comfort and, sometimes, it is easy to accessorize.

Hà Tăng’s preferred Tết áo dài designs need to be minimalistic, even in terms of patterns, mostly solid colors. If there are any patterns, they are lightly embossed to create a sense of sophistication but are not easily visible.

Although they have different preferences in choosing Tết áo dài, both Hà Tăng and Lan Khuê find designs that flatter their figures and exude elegance, suitable for their roles as celebrity daughters-in-law.

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