Simple Tips for Safe and Effective Hair Dye Removal at Home

I hope you can achieve the hairstyle you desire without much effort.


Sometimes you want to change your look with vibrant hair colors but get bored in a short time. Permanent hair dyes or colors cannot be washed out or faded when shampooing or swimming and they will naturally grow out. Below are some DIY ways to remove/fade color safely that you can refer to.

Baking soda

You can make a baking soda solution by adding 2 tablespoons of baking soda to 2 cups of water and use it to massage your hair before shampooing. Make sure you use a moisturizing hair mask right after because it can cause hair to become dry and brittle.

Anti-dandruff shampoo

Anti-dandruff shampoos contain some ingredients that help remove and fade hair dye gradually. Shampoo your hair twice a week with an anti-dandruff shampoo and make sure you use a moisturizing hair mask.

Lemon juice

You can apply diluted lemon juice to dyed hair and let it sit in sunlight for 2 hours. Rinse thoroughly and use conditioner or a moisturizing hair mask afterward to prevent your hair from becoming dry.

White vinegar

White vinegar helps brighten hair dye while nourishing your hair. You can use diluted white vinegar as a final rinse after shampooing.

Also, there is a simple method you can do: mix about 100ml of vinegar with 100ml of cooking oil to create a thick mixture. Then, use the mixture to shampoo your hair several times, you will see the color on your hair fade away, do it until the hair dye color is completely gone.

Dish soap

Use dish soap only in cases where the hair dye is stubborn and do not do this more than once a week. Use it to clean the hair strands only and keep it away from the scalp.

Hot oil treatment

You can use more than usual amount of hair oil to shampoo and clean the hair dye. Hot oil treatment can help fade hair color faster while nourishing and protecting the hair from split ends.

Vitamin C

This method is only applicable when you use temporary hair dye. Crush vitamin C tablets and mix with water to create a smooth mixture. Use this mixture to apply to damp hair, leave it for about 15 minutes and then shampoo with clean water. Normally, your hair color will be lightened when applying this method 2-3 times and it will not damage your hair.

This article has shared with you 4 effective ways to remove hair dye at home. Hopefully, you will achieve the desired hair color without having to spend too much effort.