Ancestral Wisdom: ‘3 Moles Bring Fortune, Wealth and Prosperity after the Age of 35’, No Erasures Allowed

According to physiognomy, there are 3 moles that bring luck and wealth, which should never be removed.


From the perspective of moleology, if a person has moles in these positions, they are often wealthier and more fortunate than others. Especially if there are 3 moles related to land, those who possess them often have a lot of land and riches.

Mole on the chin

In moleology, the chin is called the “geographical location”. This is the area representing wealth and properties including houses and land. People with moles in the chin area usually have wealth and are able to have land and houses passed down from their ancestors.

The closer this mole is to the lips, the more lucky (but not too close). People with this mole usually come from financially well-off families, receive good education and guidance from their parents from a young age, making it easier for them to follow their family’s career.

They may not be outstanding but they are diligent in business, strive to improve their knowledge, and work sincerely. They are trusted and recognized for their abilities by others.

They inherit assets from their ancestors but if they do not do good deeds, their wealth will not last. After the age of 45, these individuals achieve a breakthrough in their assets. In their old age, they can leave behind a lot of money, land, and property for their descendants.

Mole in the eyebrow area

In moleology, a mole above the eyebrow that has a moderate size (just slightly larger than the tip of a pencil), is free of scars, no hair growth, and has a neat color (black or red) is considered a lucky mole.

Both men and women who have this mole are fortunate in their career, love life, financial situation, and more. People with this mole tend to have a broad perspective, good abilities, and excellent social skills, leading to success and recognition.

If they engage in business, it is predicted that after the age of 35, they will build their own successful career. They are good at choosing investment projects, making their capital return quickly. It is highly likely that in middle age, they will possess many houses and properties.

In addition, there are three other positions that indicate wealth:

Mole under the hairline

According to moleology, a black mole under the hairline is a good sign. People with this mole often encounter luck in life. The darker and shinier the mole, the more convenient life becomes.

Mole on the sideburns

In moleology, the sideburns represent money and luck. People with a mole right on the sideburns are considered to have luck in their hands. They have a gentle, considerate personality, good health, long life, and a comfortable life without any lack.

Mole on the temple

In moleology, the temple represents movement. People with a black and shiny mole on the temple area often receive luck when traveling far from home, going abroad, or immigrating to different places.

Those who possess this mole have kind people ready to help them wherever they go.