Best and Worst Times to Look Out for on December 23, 2023 – Check Lunar Calendar and Find Ways to Get Lucky

Check the auspicious and inauspicious times on December 23, 2023, consult the lunar calendar for the auspicious hours, the inauspicious hours, things to do and things to avoid on that day.


Check the lunar calendar on December 23, 2023 – Check the good and bad hours on December 23, 2023

Saturday, December 23, 2023, which is the 11th day of the 11th month in the lunar calendar, is the day of At Mao, the month of Giap Ty, the year of Quy Mao, belonging to the Winter Solstice. It is the day of the Five Principle Points (Small Misfortune) – accompanying Yin Wood, it is an inauspicious day, with Tian Can and Di Zhi as companions, polarizing each other, leading to conflicts, disharmony, pushing each other, and not beneficial for big tasks.

Ages that are compatible with the day: Mui, Hoi. Ages that clash with the day: Tan Suu, Ky Dau, Dinh Dau, Tan Mui.

Things to do: Healing, dispute resolution, litigation, ceremonies, burial, cremation.

Things not to do: Long-distance travel, inaugurations, opening shops, seeking fortune, getting married, construction, house repairs, ground-breaking, house roofing, ceiling collapsing, moving to a new house.

If you travel in the southwest direction, you will encounter the Hu God, bringing lots of luck and happiness. If you travel in the southeast direction, you will meet the Tai God, welcoming fortune and wealth. The east direction is inauspicious, and it is not advisable to travel in this direction.

Check the good and bad hours on December 23, 2023

Auspicious Hours

– Tỳ Hour (23-01h): Beneficial for everything.

– Dần Hour (03-05h): Green Dragon. Everything is good, ranking first in the auspicious hours.

– Mão Hour (05-07h): Bright Path. Beneficial for meeting important people, for promotion and advancement.

– Ngọ Hour (11h-13h): Golden Treasury. Good for marriage.

– Mùi Hour (13h-15h): Golden Road. Everything is successful.

– Dậu Hour (17h-19h): Jade Road. Good for everything, especially for documents, letters, studying, and writing. Avoid activities related to mud and cooking.

Inauspicious Hours

– Sửu Hour (01-03h): Defeat. Very unfavorable for moving houses, house construction, and funerals.

– Thìn Hour (07-09h): Celestial Form. Very unfavorable for litigation.

– Tỵ Hour (09h-11h): Council Suspension. Unfavorable for arguments and litigation.

– Thân Hour (15h-17h): White Tiger. Unfavorable for everything.

– Tuất Hour (19h-21h): Sky Collapse. Everything is unfavorable.

– Hợi Hour (21h-23h): Original Ruin. Unfavorable for litigation and communication.

Auspicious Hours for Travel

11h-13h and 23h-1h, the Hour of Floating Year, brings misty fortune, difficult to achieve success. People traveling should postpone their trip. Avoid arguments. Work is slow and time-consuming, but everything is certain.

1h-3h and 13h-15h, the Hour of Broken Gateway, traveling or other activities are prone to arguments and unpleasant events. Be cautious in speech. Those who are leaving should postpone their trip. Meetings, official matters, debates… should be avoided during this hour. If it is necessary to proceed, keep silent to avoid quarrels and fights.

3h-5h and 15h-17h, the Hour of Little Intersection, is very good and lucky for traveling. Those who are traveling are about to return home. Family members are healthy. Business is profitable. Women receive joyful news. Everything is harmonious and beautiful.

5h-7h and 17h-19h, the Hour of Absolute Passage, the Hour of Great Calamity, is very unfavorable. Traveling is likely to encounter unfortunate events, many people lose their belongings during this hour, making it difficult to recover their assets. Seeking fortune brings no benefits, and it may go against your wishes. Lawsuits and disputes also result in failure.

7h-9h and 19h-21h, the Hour of Great Peace, traveling during this hour is generally good and favorable. Homes are peaceful. Seeking fortune in the southwest direction. Those who travel have a peaceful journey.

9h-11h and 21h-23h, the Hour of Swift Blessings, traveling during this time brings many auspicious signs, happiness comes, and it is better to choose the morning hours. In the afternoon, it is slightly less favorable. Seeking fortune in the south direction. Meeting with leaders, high-ranking officials, or partners goes smoothly, lucky, and there is no need to worry. Those who travel will have good news.

Information is for reference and personal experience purposes.

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