Quickly Get Rid of Paint Smell at Your New or Repainted Home with These Easy Tips for a Pleasant Scent

The smell of fresh paint can be unpleasant and even overwhelming. Here are some tips to quickly get rid of the paint odor.


A new house or a freshly painted wall can make you feel tired because of the paint smell. The paint smell can even make you lose your appetite and sleep because it is both stuffy and strong smelling. Here are some ways to get rid of the paint smell faster.

Open the door for ventilation

First, when repainting your house or moving into a newly constructed house, you should open the door for ventilation and turn on the fan to promote air circulation and make the paint smell go away faster. 

Use scented biscuits on the tables

If you have scented biscuits, open the bag and place them on different tables, corners of the house. The pleasant scent of the biscuits will help counteract the smell of the paint. 

Use the scent of fresh flowers

You can buy fragrant flowers like lilies, scented roses, daisies, lavender… and place them in the room to eliminate the paint smell. The fragrance from the flowers can help speed up the process of odor elimination and make the space more aesthetically pleasing. 

Quickly bring plants into the house

Some indoor plants can absorb and eliminate odors faster. Plants also serve as decoration that you often use.

Place plants that are good at odor absorption such as money plant, sansevieria, fiddle leaf fig, grass orchid… they will help your house quickly get rid of the unpleasant smell.

Eliminate new house odor with coffee grounds

Coffee grounds and coffee beans are natural ingredients that have a nice aroma and good odor-absorbing properties. Use roasted coffee beans or used coffee grounds and place them in a bowl near the wall to absorb the smell. 

Burn pineapple candles

The smell of pineapple is also good for eliminating the paint smell in the room. Carve a hole in the pineapple and place a candle inside to burn and release its scent. When the candle burns out, the smell of the new paint will completely disappear, leaving a sweet and gentle fragrance from the pineapple.

Eliminate odor with sea salt and lemon

You can use bowls of sea salt placed around the house. Sea salt has good odor-absorbing properties, so it helps eliminate the smell of new house paint. You can also cut lemons into quarters and place them on top of the sea salt in the bowls.

Air the house with herbs

Fragrant herbs can help you get rid of the paint smell faster. There are several ways to use herbs such as dried grapefruit or lime peel, burn them, simmer them in a pot to release fragrant steam, or put them in the microwave and then open it to let the fragrance spread.

Eliminate new house odor with scented bags, wax melts