Which part of the ribs is the best for cooking a variety of dishes?

There are various types of pork ribs. Each type is suitable for different dishes. Let's explore the front, middle, and back ribs - which is the tasty part that can be used for multiple recipes?


Spare ribs
come in many different varieties and are a nutritious choice. However, did you know that there are also many types of pork ribs? The front, middle, and back ribs all have different flavors, meat textures, and cooking methods. So, to be able to choose delicious ribs that are suitable for your dish, don’t miss the article below!

1Front Ribs

The “front ribs” are the ribs near the neck of the pig. These are the first 6 ribs, the meat on this part of the ribs is tender, tasty, and has many bones. If you want to prepare grilled, salt-roasted, fried, or braised dishes, choose the front ribs for a more flavorful result.

However, if you want to make soup, you should not buy the front ribs. Because the front ribs have less marrow and thinner meat, the soup will not be as sweet.

Front Ribs

2Middle Ribs

The middle ribs are usually cut into whole pieces. These are the most expensive ribs among all the pork ribs. The meat in this section is thick, firm, and a mix of fat and meat.

The middle ribs can be cooked into many delicious dishes. These ribs also have crispy bones and cartilage, making it very tasty and nutritious.

Middle Ribs

3Back Ribs

The back ribs are the ribs near the tail of the pig, usually the last 6 ribs. This section has more meat, fewer bones, and the meat is less tender than the front ribs, making it suitable for grilling or roasting.

The back ribs also have more rib cartilage, which many people love. Besides, the bones of this section also have more marrow, making it suitable for making soups and stews.

Back Ribs

4Tips for Choosing Delicious Pork Ribs

  • When choosing ribs, avoid ribs that are too thin because there will be less meat and the bones may have a strong smell. Choose ribs that are about 2-3cm thick.
  • Choose ribs that are fresh and have a bright red color, firm and elastic meat, and no strange smell.
  • Avoid buying ribs with dark-colored bones as they may be from sick or old pigs, and the meat quality may not be good.

Tips for Choosing Delicious Pork Ribs

Above are the tips for choosing front, middle, and back pork ribs that are suitable for your dish. Hopefully, the article has provided you with useful information for choosing delicious ribs.