Why You Should Put a Clove of Garlic under Your Pillow When Sleeping: Amazing Benefits Everyone Should Know

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Why put garlic under the pillow when sleeping has many benefits?

Enhances immunity: In traditional medicine, garlic is a medicinal herb that has antibacterial effects and enhances the immune system of the human body very well. Especially in winter, garlic helps to strengthen your body, enhances immunity, and prevents the flu effectively.

Helps you sleep better: In particular, the components of garlic also help improve blood circulation, making it easier for you to fall asleep, reducing body aches effectively, and stabilizing blood pressure. At the same time, the smell of garlic helps to kill bacteria, limit air pollution, and create conditions for better sleep.

In addition, allicin and sulfur compounds in garlic also have the effect of soothing and putting you to sleep quickly. It may sound a little unbelievable because the smell of garlic is quite strong, but many people have tried it and proven it to be true. In addition, garlic helps to reduce the activity of nerve cells in the brain and central nervous system, helps to relax and reduce stress effectively, and helps you sleep peacefully.

Putting a garlic clove under the pillow

Repels mosquitoes and insects: According to scientific studies, the strong odor of garlic has the effect of repelling harmful insects, especially flies and mosquitoes. The fragrance in garlic causes these insects to lose their direction and cannot invade the house. In addition to putting garlic under the pillow, another way to avoid mosquito bites is to apply a little garlic water to exposed skin at night.

Why should you put garlic under the pillow when sleeping

Notes when putting garlic under the pillow before sleeping

When you want to put garlic under the pillow, whether it is putting garlic under the pillow while sleeping or eating raw garlic, drinking garlic wine, it should not be abused too much. You should not consume more than 10g of garlic per day. Because it will cause gas damage, counterproductive effects, and is not good for health. Specifically, it is easy to lose gas and dissipate blood.

When eating raw garlic, you should crush it because the essential oils in the garlic will break out and be better absorbed. In addition, leave the garlic in the air for about 10 – 15 minutes before eating or processing to fully release Allicin. When putting garlic under the pillow, you should not use a too thick pillow because it can reduce the effectiveness of garlic.

If you put it under the pillow, you should choose fresh garlic, which will be good for your health and repel insects, and you will sleep much better.

Frequently asked questions

Garlic contains allicin and sulfur compounds that induce sleep and soothe the body. It also reduces the activity of nerve cells, helping you relax and sleep peacefully. Additionally, the smell of garlic kills bacteria and improves the air quality in your bedroom, creating a more conducive environment for better sleep.

Yes, garlic is an effective insect repellent. Its strong odor confuses insects, particularly mosquitoes and flies, and prevents them from entering your home. Applying garlic water to exposed skin at night can also protect you from mosquito bites.

While garlic has many benefits, it’s important not to overuse it. Consuming more than 10g of garlic per day can have negative effects on your health and cause gas damage. When eating raw garlic, crush it first and leave it exposed to the air for 10-15 minutes to release the essential oils and Allicin, enhancing its benefits. Also, ensure you use a thin pillow to maximize the effects of garlic under your pillow.
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