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It is not difficult for you to come across Mukbang ASMR content on social networking platforms. What is this "weird" trend that young people love to sit and watch all day?
ASMR videos are no longer strange to us. With a variety of genres. And because of the variety of genres, kids can also watch ASMR videos for their age.
The two largest cities in our country, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, often have alarming levels of air pollution. Therefore, Bach Khoa GREEN will introduce you to applications to help check air pollution so that you can protect the health of yourself and your family.
Have you ever wondered: "Why does the refrigerator compartment have a light and the freezer compartment does not?". Let's answer with Bach Hoa GREEN the reason why the refrigerator compartment has a light!
Normally, to keep a youthful and healthy skin, in addition to skin care with skin care products, lifting massage is also an extremely effective measure. Follow the Youtuber for instructions on combining face wash with massage to help U40 skin look like it's only 20!
ASMR is reaching more and more people, especially young people. Let's take a look at the handsome ASMR youtubers who will make you fall in love.
To make your life easier and more convenient in the digital age, BHX has compiled a number of useful applications and websites to help you in addition to updating information quickly and accurately. It also provides many benefits for itself. Let's take a look:
ASMR videos come in many different genres and are incredibly diverse. Did you know that ASMR video typing on the keyboard also helps us relax and reduce stress a lot?
Have you ever accidentally heard a Tik Tok song but don't know what the name of the song is? Let's 4th way to find music on TikTok is simple, apply successfully up to 98%!
You are worried when you do not know how to distinguish the real from the fake. With Bach Hoa Xanh, rest assured to buy quality goods by checking the code on Zalo.

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