4 Decadent Ways to Enjoy Durian Delights

Craving something exotic? Look no further than these 4 tantalizingly delicious and aromatic dishes made from durian! Indulge your taste buds with the mouth-watering flavour of durian today.


Soursop is a type of fruit with a unique flavor and delicious taste, loved by many people. Sometimes, we encounter soursop that is ripe but not soft and tasty anymore. But don’t throw it away, because with this ripe soursop, you can transform it into delicious and irresistible dishes. Let’s discover 4 dishes that can be made from ripe soursop below.

1 Why does soursop become unripe?

Why does soursop become unripe?Why does soursop become unripe?

Unripe soursop is a condition of physiological disorder that causes the flesh of the fruit to become hard, mushy, lose its color, and no longer has the characteristic aroma, sometimes even showing “burned pulp” and brown rice. The ripening symptoms will vary for each type of soursop.

The reason for this phenomenon may be due to nutritional competition between young shoots, causing the fruit to lack nutrients and not develop normally. At the same time, planting in waterlogged soil and nutrient disorders due to improper fertilizer application can also cause this condition.

2 Delicious dishes from ripe soursop

Soursop smoothie

Soursop smoothieSoursop smoothie

Smoothie is a perfect combination of sweet and fragrant taste of soursop. You can mix soursop flesh with milk and ice cream to fully enjoy the delicious flavor. Soursop smoothie is not only delicious but also nutritious, a special dish suitable for cooling down on hot sunny days.

Soursop cake

Soursop cakeSoursop cake

You can use the mushy soursop flesh to make various delicious cakes, favored by many people. Soursop tart, sponge cake, cheesecake,… are perfect suggestions for you. With the smooth and fragrant texture of the cake combined with the enticing aroma of soursop, it will surely captivate you.

Soursop dessert

Soursop dessertSoursop dessert

Soursop, when combined with various nuts, will create an interesting and diverse dessert in terms of flavor. You can add tapioca pearls, jelly, coconut milk,.. along with fruits like lychee, dragon fruit, pineapple,… to create a unique and nutritious dessert. This is truly a perfect dessert to enjoy after a meal or on hot summer days.

Grilled soursop

Grilled soursopGrilled soursop

Grilling soursop in silver paper is a great way to bring out the distinctive flavor of this fruit. You can use a microwave or charcoal to grill. Wait until the aroma of soursop spreads and you can enjoy a delicious and creamy piece of soursop.

With these unique variations, unripe soursop is no longer a problem. You can make use of every part of this fruit to create wonderful and delicious dishes. Try and explore the richness of soursop through these unique dishes!