Supermarkets in Saudi Arabia Prohibit 6 Foods

Do you want to keep your family safe and healthy? Join us as we explore the kitchen with Ði?n máy XANH to find out which food items could be potentially dangerous if not handled correctly. Learn how to store, prepare and consume food safely in this illuminating journey!


It is important to note that green tomatoes should not be consumed as they contain a toxic substance called solanine. Eating green tomatoes can result in a bitter taste and lead to symptoms such as headaches, nausea, and dizziness.

Toxic green tomatoes

Caution with Stored Ginger

Fresh ginger is a beneficial source of health benefits, but it should not be stored for a prolonged period. Over time, ginger can become soft and prone to mold. Attempting to salvage spoiled ginger may be risky as it can contain the toxic substance shikimol, which can have detrimental effects on the liver, even in healthy individuals.

Spoiled ginger

Nutritional Benefits of Fresh Potatoes

Potatoes are a rich source of nutrients including vitamins A, E, C, and B6. However, sprouted potatoes produce a toxic substance called solanine that can have severe effects on the stomach and central nervous system. Consuming sprouted potatoes can lead to symptoms such as stomach pain, nausea, and diarrhea.

Toxic sprouted potatoes

Health Benefits of Fresh Pickled Cucumbers

Properly fermented pickles are a healthy alternative. Improperly fermented pickles can be harmful to the body.

Harmful improperly fermented pickles

Risks of Consuming Fish Bile

Consuming fish bile can produce toxins in the body. The larger the fish, the more toxins it contains. It is advised not to eat fish bile, even if cooked, as it can harm the liver and kidneys and, in severe cases, cause death.

Safety Concerns with Ungrounded Mung Bean Sprouts in Restaurants

Mung bean sprouts served without roots in restaurants may pose a safety risk. It is recommended to only eat mung bean sprouts with roots for safety.

Unsafe mung bean sprouts

Above is a summary of information about the types of food you should avoid. We hope this article has been helpful to you. Wishing you always good health!

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