12 Zodiac Flowers: Symbolism in Nature

Not only do flowers have a fresh and enchanting beauty, but each species also carries deep, unique and corresponding meanings to the 12 zodiac signs.


Each zodiac sign has its own distinctive qualities and corresponds to the beauty of certain individual flower species. Today, let’s explore 12 flower species representing the 12 zodiac signs!

1Aries – Tulip

Tulip - the flower representing AriesTulip – the flower representing Aries

Often known as a zodiac sign with confident, dynamic, a bit impulsive and adventurous personalities, the flower corresponding to Aries is the tulip with vibrant colors, symbolizing passion, boldness, and allure.

2Taurus – Poppy

Poppy - the flower representing TaurusPoppy – the flower representing Taurus

Not only resilient and patient, but also known as a lover of beauty, serenity, and meticulousness. Therefore, the flower symbolizing this zodiac sign is the poppy, representing the elegance, warmth, and love that Taurus shares with everyone.

3Gemini – Lavender

Lavender - the flower representing GeminiLavender – the flower representing Gemini

In the eyes of most people, those born under the sign of Gemini are always full of energy, enthusiasm, generosity, openness, and full of interesting ideas. Therefore, the symbol for this zodiac sign is lavender – a flower with a fragrant scent, representing the socializing and connection desires of this zodiac sign.

4Cancer – White Rose

White Rose - the flower representing CancerWhite Rose – the flower representing Cancer

Not only longing for safety, trust, good at listening, and sharing, those born under Cancer are also sensitive, pure, and delicate like a rose petal, while also being sharp and resilient like rose thorns. They possess a simple and elegant beauty, which is admired by many.

5Leo – Sunflower

Sunflower - the flower representing LeoSunflower – the flower representing Leo

With a spirit of loving life, optimism, and readiness to face challenges to overcome them, the most representative flower for those born under Leo is the sunflower – always facing towards the sun, symbolizing joy, positivity, happiness, and special blessings.

6Virgo – Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum - the flower representing VirgoChrysanthemum – the flower representing Virgo

With a simple lifestyle, pure and elegant like chrysanthemums, Virgo individuals are known for their hardworking, meticulous, and somewhat perfectionistic nature. Furthermore, despite having deep insights into life, they maintain a modest and moderate attitude, while also being firm and strong.

7Libra – Morning Glory

Morning Glory - the flower representing LibraMorning Glory – the flower representing Libra

In their daily lives, those born under Libra always seek harmony and balance, while also having a free-spirited, romantic, kind-hearted, and warm nature. Therefore, the morning glory blossoms are a symbol of sincerity, thoughtfulness, enthusiasm, and gentleness, just like the characteristics of this zodiac sign.

8Scorpio – Lotus

Lotus - the flower representing ScorpioLotus – the flower representing Scorpio

With its vibrant beauty, the lotus flower is the symbol for Scorpio. People born under this zodiac sign are known for their strong, determined personalities, and their fierce pursuit of passion. However, they can also be quite sensitive as they are often influenced by emotions.

9Sagittarius – Cosmos

Cosmos - the flower representing SagittariusCosmos – the flower representing Sagittarius

Not only adorable, humorous, and loves to bring laughter to everyone, people born under Sagittarius are also known for their strong spirit, independence, and open-mindedness. Therefore, the flower symbolizing this zodiac sign is cosmos – a flower symbolizing passion, enthusiasm, and positive energy.

10Capricorn – Orchid

Orchid - the flower representing CapricornOrchid – the flower representing Capricorn

Famous for being one of the signs that always live responsibly, disciplined with themselves and the people around them the most, Capricorns are also trusted for their progressive mindset and hard work. Therefore, the flower symbolizing this zodiac sign is orchid – a flower symbolizing integrity and seriousness.

11Aquarius – Orchid

Orchid - the flower representing AquariusOrchid – the flower representing Aquarius

Just like their friendly, adaptable nature, Aquarius individuals may appear reserved and aloof, but in reality, they are very approachable, friendly, and sometimes quite mysterious and eccentric. Despite this, they will still find their own path.

12Pisces – Water Lily

Water Lily - the flower representing PiscesWater Lily – the flower representing Pisces

Well-known as a zodiac sign filled with hidden depths, Pisces individuals tend to lean toward emotions, love beauty, freedom, and are open-minded. Therefore, the flower symbolizing this zodiac sign is water lily – a flower with a romantic and delicate beauty.

Above are 12 flowers with their outstanding features and beauty corresponding to each zodiac sign. We hope that with this article, you will gain more interesting information about your own zodiac sign!

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