Why is the Bosch dishwasher worth buying?

Bosch dishwasher is a well-known appliance among Vietnamese consumers nowadays. It not only effectively cleans dishes but also incorporates modern features such as sterilization and drying to bring satisfaction to users. Among these, Bosch dishwashers are highly regarded by many people. Therefore, to answer questions like whether Bosch dishwashers are good or how much they cost, Điện Máy Chợ Lớn will provide you with more information about choosing products from this brand through the following article!


Bosch is a brand established in 1967. The Bosch brand is one of the largest industrial conglomerates in Germany specializing in producing household appliances such as range hoods, induction cookers, ovens… Among them, dishwashers are one of the high-quality product lines that make up the reputation of Bosch and are highly regarded by consumers.

With years of development, the Bosch group has many branches and joint ventures with over 193 manufacturing plants overseas. Therefore, products from the Bosch brand in general, and Bosch dishwashers in particular, are assembled and manufactured in many different countries but still meet European quality standards.

Why should you buy a Bosch dishwasher

Bosch imported dishwashers are produced on modern assembly lines, using Bosch’s most advanced technology in Germany. In addition to common features of a dishwasher such as automatic dishwashing, drying, and disinfection, Bosch also equips its products with other extremely useful features such as:

AquaStop on Bosch dishwasher: The AquaStop® system consists of a double partition, a safety valve, and an automatic switch-off float that provides 100% protection for Bosch dishwashers from water intrusion, ensuring long-lasting durability for the machine.

Rackmatic_Bosch_Feature Triple Rackmatic®: The dishwashing basket can be adjusted up and down with a 5cm distance. This helps the machine to flexibly adjust when loading dishes into the baskets.

HalfLoad: Sometimes, when you need to wash fewer dishes, this feature will help save resources, consuming only half as much as other modes. It also saves time as the machine speeds up the washing process.

With these intelligent features, you can comfortably handle kitchen work without worrying about dirty dishes or damaging your hands with dishwashing water.

Knowing the importance of dishwashers, many families have come to the Eurocook supermarket system and have provided very positive feedback. Many customers have sent us emails, including a letter from Mai Lan in Dong Da, Hanoi, with the following content:

“I used to hate washing dishes. My daily work is already overwhelming, going to work in the morning, picking up my child in the afternoon, cooking and preparing food for my husband and child, and I’m already tired. Thinking about the pile of dirty dishes, pots, and pans makes me feel disgusted. Then I discussed with my husband about buying a dishwasher. As dishwashers are newly imported to Vietnam, prices are still quite high. My husband and I looked up online reviews about Bosch dishwashers and went to Eurocook immediately. Eurocook is a familiar address for our family whenever we need to buy kitchen appliances. With the advice and analysis of the staff, we decided to bring this dishwasher home. It’s amazing, ladies and gentlemen. Although it’s a bit expensive, the design is solid and beautiful, and it has many intelligent features. I just put the dirty dishes in the machine, and after 15 minutes, everything is clean, dry, and sterilized, ensuring the health of my family members. I feel very assured. Finding Bosch dishwashers is like finding true love in my life =))))) Just kidding, but it really liberated me from this extremely boring dishwashing chore. Thank you, Eurocook, for bringing this intelligent friend to my kitchen.”

How many types of dishwashers are there?

Type 1: Built-in Dishwashers

Price range: 18 million – 37 million VND

This type is called “Built-in” because it is permanently installed inside the kitchen cabinet, usually designed with a system of 2 – 3 wash arms that can accommodate many items and wash even pots and pans.

The machine has a large size, beautiful, luxurious, and modern design. The machine is usually equipped with 5 – 7 different wash modes to effectively clean dishes.

This type of machine has a door design similar to the cabinet door, creating harmony with the surrounding space. The hidden design is discreetly and harmoniously installed with the interior to create elegance for the kitchen. However, due to its large size, it requires sufficient installation space, and the machine’s price is higher.

Type 2: Freestanding Dishwashers

Price range: 15 million – 35 million VND

This type of machine can be independently installed outside, so it is not difficult to change its position. Freestanding dishwashers also have a large design and can wash 12 – 14 sets of dishes with 2 or 3 wash compartments, and various wash modes.

In addition to the advantage of easy mobility, this type usually takes up a large area in the kitchen space, so its aesthetic value is not as high as built-in dishwashers.

Type 3: Portable & Countertop Dishwashers

Price range: 14 – over 21 million VND

In addition to the two popular dishwasher types mentioned above, there are also small-sized portable dishwashers available on the market. This type cannot wash many dishes and is only suitable for 1 – 2 people. The advantage of this type is its compact size (similar to a mini refrigerator, about 50 liters) and low price.

– Most types of Bosch dishwashers on the market are designed with:

  • Simple and user-friendly design.
  • Exterior made of stainless steel and an inox front door. Other parts are made of stainless steel.
  • Bosch dishwashers are designed with adjustable racks. Adjustable height to accommodate various sizes of utensils to be washed.
  • Sliding rails for easy use.
  • Folding legs for convenient placement of pots and pans for easy operation.
  • Removable upper cutlery tray.

  • Flexible basket system with different sizes.
  • Large capacity, can wash many sets of dishes at once
  • Easy-to-open and light-closing lock for user safety.
  • Convenient detergent dispensing compartment
  • Automatic opening and closing door system, gentle and safe for users.
  • Electronic control panel and indicator lights to monitor all information during the dishwasher cycle.
  • Exquisite inner design with a smooth, flat surface without welds. The dishwasher tub is cast according to different water pressures.

Bosch dishwasher technology

– VarioSpeed Technology (or SpeedBoost) is an advanced technology that helps speed up the dishwashing process quickly, reducing dishwashing time by 20% – 50%. However, the cleaning and drying results still meet the standard. This saves a significant amount of fuel for the machine.

– With what has been achieved in the VarioSpeed technology, Bosch dishwashers have upgraded their quality with the VarioSpeed Plus technology, which reduces dishwashing time by up to 66%.

– Bosch dishwashers are equipped with the HalfLoad feature to maximize water and power consumption when you need to wash fewer dishes. You can switch the dishwasher to this mode, which still delivers perfect washing and drying results.

– The EcoSilence Drive motor of Bosch dishwashers is developed to increase cleaning efficiency. The motor operates quietly with a brushless mechanism, ensuring low power consumption. The motor operates extremely quietly, ensuring low power consumption.

– Drying technology with Zeolite minerals: The drying process using this technology helps save electricity according to European standard A+++. As a result, it saves more than 20% of electricity costs compared to conventional drying dishwashers.

– In addition, the device applies the AquaStop technology to monitor the status of the machine. If there is any water leakage in the machine or on the pipes, the electronic valve will immediately shut off, cutting off the water supply.

– Aqua Sensor is an advanced technology that helps check the water level multiple times in a washing cycle and simultaneously monitor the decreasing level of water pollution. As a result, your dishes are always perfectly cleaned, and the machine does not consume excessive water.

– The HygienePlus technology is one of the special features of Bosch dishwashers, ensuring effective sterilization by increasing the temperature in the final wash, protecting the health of your family.

– DosageAssist is an exclusive design for Bosch dishwashers, it is a separate detergent compartment that helps dissolve and control the dilution of detergent, reducing noise to the maximum when washing dishes.

Basic dishwasher programs of Bosch dishwashers

  • Light wash program at 40°C: This program is for glasses, dishes, and utensils that can be easily broken, such as glass, plastic, or sensitive materials that may lose color or warp at high temperatures.
  • Express wash program at 45°C: This program has the shortest washing time, about 30 minutes, not including drying. It allows washing delicate items such as glasses, dishes, and thin dishes with temperature sensitivity.
  • Eco wash program at 50°C: This is an optimal program that efficiently utilizes resources by using less electricity, water, and being extremely environmentally friendly.
  • Regular wash program at 65°C: This program is for pots, pans, glasses, dishes, etc. that are not heat-sensitive with medium stains. This program is commonly used for daily dishwashing.
  • Intensive wash program at 70°C: This program is very useful for heavily soiled or stubborn items with residue from fried foods, water on the surface, it will remove them with a washing temperature of up to 70°C.
  • 1-hour wash program at 65°C: This program is used for items with stubborn dirt or dried residue on utensils or residues from starchy foods containing enzymes.

How long is the warranty for Bosch dishwashers?

You are interested in buying a Bosch dishwasher but don’t know how long the warranty for Bosch dishwashers is and what the warranty conditions are? Let’s follow the article below, Minh Long Home will answer how long the warranty for Bosch dishwashers is and what the warranty conditions are?

Warranty period for Bosch dishwashers

The warranty period for Bosch dishwashers depends on the policy of the importer (distributor in Vietnam). However, the current warranty period for Bosch dishwashers is usually 24 months.

How long is the warranty for Bosch dishwashers?

As it depends on the importer, before buying, you need to check and choose reputable units to distribute dishwashers, check labels, product packaging to avoid disadvantages later on.

Conditions for warranty of Bosch dishwashers

In order for Bosch dishwashers to be warranted for free, the following conditions must be met:

  • The product must still be under warranty starting from the purchase date
  • Bosch dishwasher is defective due to manufacturer’s error.
  • The warranty certificate is intact without tearing, patching. It is fully filled with information of the buyer, seller, time, and place of purchase
  • The serial number of the dishwasher must match the Serial number written on the warranty certificate
  • The dishwasher is not in the list of items rejected for warranty.

Cases where Bosch dishwashers are rejected for warranty

  • Dishwashers are damaged due to user error, such as dropping, installing with incorrect power supply
  • Refusing warranty when users repair improperly
  • Not warranting promotional products.
  • Not warranting accompanying components.

Above is the warranty period for Bosch dishwashers, along with the conditions for warranty. Therefore, you need to use Bosch dishwashers correctly and efficiently to be eligible for warranty and long-term use.

How to use Bosch dishwashers correctly

  • Always use salt to remove calcium and magnesium in the water causing blockages in the system.
  • If using 3in1 tablets, do not use short washing programs, half-load washing, or rinsing programs because these programs have short washing times and low temperatures, and they will not dissolve all the tablets or remove the soap from dishes.
  • Using separate salt-powder-rinse aid will be the best solution because in this way, we can control the amount of detergent and other additives in each specific wash program.
  • Always rinse dishes before putting them into the dishwasher to prevent excess food from falling into the drain and clogging the pump.
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