In Vietnamese history, this is an unprecedented event: a Vietnamese citizen has remarkably passed the Imperial Examination and held the position of Prime Minister during the Tang Dynasty of China.
Most bathrooms have a hanging mirror for convenience. However, bathroom mirrors are prone to dirt and humidity. So, how can you clean it quickly?
In addition to its regular laundry function, a washing machine can also be used to wash blankets, curtains, stuffed animals... Some people even wash sports shoes and doormats with it.
Mosquitoes are notorious for spreading infectious diseases to both adults and children. Here are some natural and safe methods to prevent mosquito bites that families should consider to protect the health of their loved ones.
These cracks not only compromise the aesthetic appeal but also pose potential risks to driving safety. So, when faced with a cracked car windshield, should you opt for a replacement or repair?
Quail eggs are a familiar dish for many people. But quail eggs are delicious and nutritious only when they are still young. Why is that? Below is an explanation and simple ways to identify and buy delicious and young quail eggs.
Typically, when using gac for food processing, the seeds are discarded. However, gac seeds are also considered a medicinal ingredient, with the ability to treat various diseases.
Discover the "king of vegetables" - a versatile superfood found right in the Vietnamese marketplace, boasting a plethora of health benefits ranging from blood sugar regulation to cancer prevention for people of all ages.
Choosing beautiful cherry blossom branches is already difficult, but keeping them fresh for a long time is even more challenging. If you want to keep your cherry blossom flowers fresh during the Tet holiday, here are some steps you should take:
Below are 9 natural ways to permanently get rid of cockroaches from your house, without using chemicals, that you can apply without worrying about the impact on your health.