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Inspiring Quotes to Motivate Your Academic Journey

The path to academic success is never easy, and inspiration is often the key to unlocking a student's true potential. Discover a collection of motivational quotes tailored to fuel your academic journey and ignite your passion for learning.

The Ultimate Guide to Checking Your 2022 National High School Exam Results

Introducing the ultimate guide to checking THPT exam scores: unlock three simple yet effective methods endorsed by the Ministry of Education and Training. Discover the fastest and most accurate ways to access your exam results, ensuring a stress-free experience for both students and parents alike.

100+ Heartfelt Birthday Wishes for Teachers

"Wishing your beloved teachers a happy birthday has never been more heartfelt and fun! Express your gratitude and appreciation for their dedication with these thoughtful birthday wishes. Whether you're looking for sincere messages or humorous greetings, this collection has got you covered. Celebrate your teachers' birthdays in style and let them know just how much they mean to you."

The 7 Types of Families That Raise Successful and Shining Children

Family is the foundation that nurtures children and determines their future success and happiness.

4 Places Parents Should Take Their Children to Boost Their IQ and EQ

Children are like blank canvases when they are born - their parents and the surrounding environment play a crucial role in shaping their psychology and future development.

What Are the Subjects, Fields, and Universities in the N Block?

Block N is a talent-based test block, focusing on music and art. It encompasses a diverse range of subjects that cater to the creative and artistic inclinations of students. This block offers a unique educational path for those who wish to pursue careers in the creative industries. With a specialized curriculum, Block N provides a platform for students to develop their talents and build a strong foundation for their future endeavors. Understanding the specifics of Block N, including its constituent subjects, renowned universities, and potential career paths, is essential for aspiring individuals who want to turn their passions into promising professions.

A Heartfelt Message for Teachers on Vietnamese Teacher’s Day

Happy Vietnamese Teachers' Day! This day serves as a token of appreciation from students to their teachers. Express your gratitude and acknowledge their dedication with these thoughtful wishes. Let these words be a tribute to the unsung heroes who shape our future.

7 Ways to Make Learning Fun for Children to Achieve High Grades

Young children naturally gravitate towards play rather than formal learning, often clashing with parental expectations. Many resort to tactics such as fulfilling demands or imposing punishments to keep their children engaged in studies, yet these measures often prove futile.

40-Year Study: 5 Words That Will Change a Child’s Life

In a 40-year study, University of Chicago's Professor James Joseph Heckman uncovered a profound secret: Successful adults share one defining trait, which can be summed up in 5 simple words.

Mother’s Mouth: The Fengshui of a Child’s Life, Reflecting a Lifetime of Cultivation

Parents' words, from the time their children are young and impressionable, have a significant impact on their children. What parents say is absorbed by their children and becomes ingrained in their minds, following them throughout their lives.

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