July 12, 2024
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Is planting a starfruit tree in front of the house beneficial? The feng shui...

The kumquat tree may seem like just a fruit tree, but it holds great significance in feng shui, bringing forth luck and auspiciousness to the household.

Fear not the frog entering the house, fear instead the three trees in front...

These are the 3 types of trees that ancient people advised against planting in front of their homes.

Underrated Wild Herb: A Satisfyingly Delicious Plant Similar to Ginseng

This wild plant often grows abundantly along roadsides, especially in rural areas. However, few people are aware that this wild plant is also edible.

What are the 5 plants that bring bad luck according to the ancient ancestors?

According to our ancestors, it is believed that these types of trees should not be planted at home due to Feng Shui, as they can potentially affect the homeowner's prosperity.

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