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Tips for washing and caring for children’s traditional dresses

Please note how to wash and care for áo dài made from different fabrics to prevent them from getting damaged, torn, or faded quickly.

Tips for choosing delicious and long-lasting dried shrimp and fish

My name is Huynh Thu, I am 31 years old and based in Ca Mau. I specialize in selling various types of dried fish, shrimp, squid, etc. I would like to share my secrets on how to choose high-quality products and preserve their deliciousness over time.

Tips for choosing delicious lychees without chemical soaking, every mother should know.

By following the small tips below when shopping, you can select delicious, fragrant sapodillas without worrying about any health hazards from chemical additives.

Tips for keeping overnight noodles delicious and non-sour

If you often have leftover noodles and struggle with how to store them properly, this article is here to help you preserve your noodles overnight and keep them fresh as if they were just bought.

One simple trick to keep shrimp fresh and flavorful for a whole month without...

Don't immediately put the shrimp in the refrigerator when you buy it. By following this method, the shrimp will stay fresh, tasty, and succulent even after a month.

How to Preserve Chili Peppers for Months and Maintain Their Freshness, Firmness, and Flavour

Chili peppers are a common spice used in family meals, but many people struggle with storing them properly, resulting in dried-out or rotten peppers. Here's a tip for preserving fresh chili peppers, keeping them juicy and as fresh as if they were just picked.

How long can pizza and sausages be stored in the refrigerator?

Every type of food has its own specific time and method of preservation that housewives should take note of in order to protect their family's health.

5 Ways to Preserve Delicious and Fresh Bánh Chưng – Bánh Tét Throughout Tet...

Chung cake, sticky rice cake - are the must-have delicacies for Vietnamese Lunar New Year. But if you don't know how to properly preserve the cake, it can easily spoil and become moldy. So, let's explore the tips in the Kitchen Tips section by Điện máy XANH to learn how to preserve these delicious chung cake and sticky rice cake throughout the Tet season!

“Remarkable Ingredient that Revives Lettuce to Make it Taste Delicious”

Wilted lettuce can be restored to freshness in just 5 minutes!

Pickled Veggies – No Soak, Still Crisp, Less Acidic, Longer Shelf Life

For those who are not a fan of spicy food, this new method is here to help. It can reduce the spiciness and heat, keeping all the traditional flavor of cucumbers. Furthermore, it also helps keep the cucumber whiter and enhances their shelf life.

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