Organizing Your Refrigerator With Science: 20 Tips

Are you tired of having to throw out spoiled food because your refrigerator isn't well organised? If so, we have some tips to help you out! Learn how to organise your refrigerator in a scientific and efficient way with 20 simple and easy-to-follow tips!


Fill Each Compartment with Food

To ensure cleanliness and space efficiency, we recommend utilizing plastic food containers. These containers effectively secure various types of food, preventing any spillage or accidental release when accessing the cabinet. Opting for sealed containers is particularly advantageous in maintaining the integrity and containment of the food items.

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“Using a Clip to Hang a Food Bag on a Rack”

To maximize storage space within your refrigerator, consider utilizing the often overlooked corners. By simply clipping unfinished food bags onto the refrigerator shelves, you can make efficient use of this space, as illustrated in the accompanying image.

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Maximizing Kitchen Space with a Magnetic Food Storage Box

The refrigerator door is constructed from a durable metal material, allowing it to effectively attract magnets. Therefore, you have the convenience of utilizing magnets equipped with a sturdy bottom to securely adhere them to the surface of the refrigerator door.

This method allows you to expand additional storage space for small and lightweight food items, such as chili, dried fruits, cakes,…

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Storing Fruits and Vegetables in Glass Containers

To effectively preserve vegetables and maintain an organized refrigerator compartment, it is advisable to store them in a designated box or glass container. This storage solution not only ensures the longevity of your vegetables and fruits but also adds aesthetic appeal to your refrigerator.

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Uses for a Round Tray: Perfect for Keeping Food in Place

When it comes to processed food, spices, and snacks, utilizing circular trays can be an effective solution. This practice enhances both organization and accessibility, allowing for a neat arrangement and convenient retrieval of items whenever needed.

Dùng khay tròn để đựng thực phẩm

Create a Different Container for Storing Smoked Meat

For optimal storage of smoked meat, it is advisable to transfer the marinated meat to a securely sealed container if immediate cooking is not planned. This practice effectively eliminates any lingering odors in the refrigerator and prevents leakage within the storage compartment.

Dùng hộp chứa riêng để đựng món thịt xông khói

“Utilizing an Egg Tray for Easy Sauce Storage”

If your family has a collection of bottles and jars for sauces, using an egg tray can help organize and store them more efficiently in the refrigerator.

Using this method will significantly reduce the noise caused by bottles and jars when opening the refrigerator door. Moreover, for sauce bottles that are almost empty, it is recommended to store them upside down so that the sauce naturally flows to the opening, eliminating the need to shake or squeeze when it is needed again.

Tận dụng khay trứng để đựng nước sốt

Enhanced Storage Capacity for Bottles and Jars

The refrigerator is equipped with specially designed storage compartments on the door, allowing for convenient organization of bottles and vials. For added flexibility, these compartments can be divided with paper dividers, creating additional storage options for various bottle and vial sizes.

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Safely Storing Eggs in a Lidded Container

If you prefer to store your eggs in the refrigerator, it is recommended to use a tightly sealed container specifically designed for eggs. This container will provide a secure storage solution, allowing you to conveniently place other light foods on top without the risk of damaging or cracking the eggs inside.

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Tips for Limiting Unnecessary Food Chill Time

To ensure optimal storage conditions, it is recommended to designate a specific area within the refrigerator for items that do not require intense cooling, such as select vegetables and eggs. By organizing these items together, you can effectively minimize unnecessary cold exposure while maintaining their freshness and quality.

The determination of food characteristics allows for the logical classification and arrangement of food, effectively optimizing storage space without compromising quality.

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Creating a Compartment for Perishable Food to Avoid Expiration

Ensuring optimal food storage within a refrigerator is essential to minimize food waste and optimize storage space. Given that many individuals tend to overlook food expiration dates, it is wise to separate compartments for items that require immediate consumption. By doing so, the risk of food spoilage is reduced while allowing for efficient organization and preservation of food.

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Organization Tip: Utilize Compartments to Keep Snacks Separate

To ensure convenient access to snacks, utilize a designated tray within the cabinet exclusively for storing snacks. This efficient approach eliminates the need to painstakingly search the entire refrigerator for snacks, thus facilitating an effortless and enjoyable snacking experience.

Sử dụng ngăn riêng để chứa thức ăn vặt

Utilize a Multi-Functional Food Separator in the Freezer

Preserved foods stored in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator can be efficiently optimized with the use of food dividers. This method allows for easy classification and organization of the food, ensuring convenience when retrieving or storing items.

Sử dụng khay chia thực phẩm đa năng ở ngăn đông

How to Label the Compartments on a Cabinet Door

To further enhance organization, consider labeling each container on the cabinet door. This method is particularly useful for quickly locating specific spices and drinks.

Dán nhãn lên các ngăn đựng trên cánh tủ

Instructions to Aid Organization: Label Each Container

Food Categorization


  • Apples
  • Oranges
  • Bananas


  • Carrots
  • Broccoli
  • Spinach


  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Beans

To ensure efficient organization, simply print the labels and affix them onto the storage trays. This approach enables swift identification of food items and facilitates their retrieval as necessary.

Dán nhãn cho từng ngăn đựng

Positioning a Liner Beneath a Cabinet

Using a mat as an added layer underneath the compartments in your refrigerator can aid in preventing unpleasant odors caused by potential leaks from food items.

Decorate and protect your refrigerator with our stylish and functional placemats. Made from high-quality newspaper or stiff fabric with attractive patterns, these placemats not only add a touch of elegance to your appliance but also serve as practical placemats for your meals. The best part is that these placemats are easily replaceable, ensuring that your refrigerator stays clean and odor-free. Upgrade your kitchen decor with our versatile and easy-to-maintain placemats today.

Trải miếng lót dưới ngăn tủ

Establishing Regular Cleanliness Habits in Children: A Guide for Parents of 17-Year-Olds

To promote a tidy and hygienic environment, it is beneficial for families with young children to foster in them the practice of maintaining an organized refrigerator, as well as cleaning it after retrieving food.

By utilizing our services, you will be able to significantly reduce the amount of time spent on cleaning your cabinet. Additionally, our platform will provide you with a comprehensive list of the necessary foods to purchase during your market visits.

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Photographing Items Already in the Refrigerator

To ensure an organized and efficient grocery shopping experience, we recommend utilizing a designated mobile application or smart device to capture photos of both the food items and the contents within your refrigerator.

This job assists in selecting suitable food items for refrigeration and minimizing waste by avoiding the purchase of items already in possession.

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Wine Bottle Opener with Necklace Attachment for Easy Access

Do you have concerns about storing wine bottles in a compact refrigerator that doesn’t have enough space to keep them upright?

Currently, we offer a range of button bottle openers with hooks that can be easily attached to the neck of the bottle. Alternatively, our clip-on bottle openers can be fixed conveniently next to the bottle, ensuring the preservation of multiple wine bottles.

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“20 Notes Found Outside Cabinet”

The refrigerator door sorting method is an innovative approach to organizing food items. By labeling the outside of the refrigerator door in a diagram form, it becomes easier for family members to locate specific items inside the refrigerator. This method provides a convenient and efficient way of maintaining order and accessibility in the refrigerator.

In addition, this practice also facilitates the monitoring of food expiration dates, aiding in their timely consumption to prevent wastage and create room for storing other food items.

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Tips for Refrigerator Food Storage: 21 Essential Points to Remember

When storing food in the refrigerator, it is important to address the following considerations:

  • Choose and adjust the set temperature accordingly:

    In order to effectively preserve food and increase the lifespan of your refrigerator, it is recommended to adjust the temperature to approximately 5 degrees Celsius or lower for the cooling compartment and -18 degrees Celsius or lower for the freezer compartment.

  • It is recommended to store food in airtight containers or sealed bags in order to maintain its freshness and prevent the loss of nutrients. This practice also helps to minimize any unpleasant odors that may occur when opening the refrigerator door.

Bảo quản thực phẩm trong hộp, túi zip

  • To maintain optimal freshness and prevent food spoilage, it is essential to ensure that perishable items such as meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits are kept dry before storing them. This is crucial as moisture can facilitate the growth of harmful bacteria, leading to food contamination and unpleasant odors within the refrigerator. By adopting proper storage practices, you can effectively extend the shelf life of your food and enhance overall food safety.
  • It is recommended to use nylon bags sparingly for food preservation due to potential concerns about their origin and the possibility of harmful substances seeping into the food. This can have adverse effects on the health of consumers.
  • It is advisable to avoid storing milk in the refrigerator door as the temperature in this area can be fluctuating, which may have a detrimental effect on the quality of the milk. However, one can opt for a refrigerator that offers a solution to the issue of uneven distribution of cold air in the door, ensuring optimal storage conditions.

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I trust that the aforementioned 20 tips have assisted you in effectively and methodically organizing your refrigerator in a practical and efficient manner for your everyday needs.