5 Harmful Habits That Can Leave Your Hands “Dry as a Desert” Especially in Dry Season

Not simply using cosmetics, there are effective hand skincare secrets that one must learn in order to have beautiful hands, ladies need to learn how to give up these bad habits.


Taking care of your hands is important to keep them smooth, soft, and beautiful. Besides using cosmetics, there are effective hand care tips that you need to follow to achieve beautiful hands by eliminating bad habits.

Avoid using sunscreen for your hands

Your hands need care and protection just like your face. UV rays can affect any part of your body, including your hands. Don’t forget to use sunscreen to protect your hands from the sun’s harmful effects and prevent darkening and aging.

Don’t forget to moisturize your hands

Our hands are constantly active throughout the day, from writing, driving, cooking to carrying objects of different weights. Therefore, it’s crucial to take care of and soothe your hands after a long day of work. Fight against signs of aging with specialized hand moisturizers, especially during dry seasons.

Using strong soap for handwashing

Excessive use of gel nail polish

When using gel nail polish, you need to expose your nails to blue light to make them shiny. This blue light comes from UV lamps, which can be harmful to your skin. Instead of using gel nail polish, you can try other pre-made nail art options.

Excessive handwashing

The habit of frequent handwashing to eliminate bacteria may seem good, but in reality, it causes constant friction on your hands. If your job requires frequent hand hygiene and sanitizing, make sure to moisturize your hands after washing them.

In addition to these basic skincare tips, you can also try some simple exfoliation methods: Soak your hands for about 10 minutes in warm water with a teaspoon of almond oil. Or mix salt with lemon juice and gently massage for 5 minutes. You can also soak your hands in warm milk, which helps reduce dryness. The calcium in milk also strengthens your nails.