Don’t Miss These Essential Rules to Achieve Smooth and Beautiful Hands

To achieve beautiful and soft hands, it is essential to pay attention to a skincare routine that ensures the hands are protected and regularly cared for, just like the face.


Hand Protection

If the structure of your hands does not have those soft lines, you can take care of your hands to make them softer and more beautiful. When doing heavy work (digging soil, lifting heavy objects…) or having contact with chemicals (laundry water, dishwashing, cleaning…) you should wear specialized gloves.

Hand Care

– Proper hand washing: Always keep your hands clean and clean your nails. In addition to wearing gloves when working, you need to wash your hands regularly. Hand washing not only helps keep your hands clean but also helps prevent infectious diseases. Hand washing and using hand soap properly is one of the basic ways to take care of beautiful and smooth hands. Use a gentle hand soap, without bleach, for daily hand washing.

– Trimming nails: Regularly trimming and filing nails will help keep your nails tidy, clean, and prevent scratching/breaking. You should cut your nails with specialized clippers, soak your hands in water before cutting to soften the nails and make them easier to cut.

– Use sunscreen lotion: Remember to apply sunscreen lotion to your hands about 20 minutes before going out. Wear protective gloves to minimize the harmful effects of the sun.

– Massage for the hands: Choose a moisturizer or an appropriate oil to evenly apply and gently massage the hands for 5 minutes every day before going to bed. This action provides nutrients to the hands and moisturizes the skin.

Diet for beautiful hands

– Eat enough nutrients: Supplement foods rich in biotin and protein, iron, vitamins… These substances not only make the skin soft but also make the nails healthy and rosy.

– Drink enough water: In cold weather, many people are reluctant to drink water, or believe that in cold weather, they sweat less so they don’t need to drink water, which is a regrettable mistake. When lacking water, wrinkles and dryness will appear on the skin. Especially, the hands are prone to cracks in the palm area, and the fingertips are susceptible to scratches…

You need to provide enough water by drinking 2-2.5 liters of water every day and drink evenly throughout the day. Note that you should not drink too much water at once, but rather divide it evenly throughout the day to moisturize the skin from within, significantly improving dry skin.

To have beautiful hands, soft hands, you need to pay attention to following a skincare regimen as above to ensure that your hands are always protected and regularly cared for, just like your face.

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