Get Inspiration from These 4 Vietnamese Beauties’ Styles to Rock High-Quality Jeans

Women will not only have a youthful and stylish appearance, but also score points for elegance while effectively enhancing their figure.


Jeans are the fashion item that dominates the wardrobe, cleverly mixing styles that elevate the wearer. You will have a youthful and trendy appearance while still maintaining elegance and enhancing your figure effectively. No need to look far, let’s take a look at 4 Vietnamese beauties with impressive jeans styles.

Tang Thanh Ha

Tang Thanh Ha is famous for her stylish and trendy fashion sense, not too extravagant but still youthful and trendy. This outfit suits Tang Thanh Ha’s fashion taste. The mother of three shows her flexibility by pairing jeans with a variety of tops such as short velvet tops, t-shirts, white shirts, or oversized knitwear.

With jeans, Tang Thanh Ha always knows how to enhance her figure by tucking in the shirt. If skipping this step, Tang Thanh Ha will choose skinny jeans to highlight her legs.

Kha Ngan

Kha Ngan has a youthful jeans style paired with green or dark pink shirts. This outfit formula helps to double the “age-hacking” effect while still maintaining harmony. She also doesn’t miss out on simple jeans sets, such as jeans + white tank top or jeans + black blazer.

There are 2 types of shoes that are very suitable to pair with jeans, which are white sneakers and high-heeled sandals.

Pham Thanh Hang

Jeans are also an essential piece in Pham Thanh Hang’s wardrobe. She has various styles of jeans such as straight jeans and wide-leg jeans. These are all trendy jeans models that stand the test of time. Pham Thanh Hang’s jeans style can be described as not only youthful but also age-defying.

Pairs jeans with models like blazers, puff-sleeved shirts + knit cardigans, tank tops, and don’t forget to embellish with accessories.

Ky Duyen

Miss Ky Duyen favors long pants styles, especially jeans. Ky Duyen’s style is covered with various types of jeans.

Ky Duyen often pairs jeans with oversized t-shirts, this familiar way of dressing is still fashionable. This style creates unique, rugged outfits. However, sometimes she transforms into a feminine, seductive look by wearing jeans with crop tops or tight-fitted t-shirts. The beauty queen also suggests another shoe style that goes well with jeans, which is mule-style sandals.