How to refresh your style with the warmest winter color palette

Winter is the perfect time of the year for her to indulge in numerous brown layered outfits.


Brown outfits always bring a warm, comfortable, and intimate feeling. Especially when paired with a winter coat, the street, school, or work outfits will be extremely elegant. This winter, deep brown on coats such as quilted coats, leather jackets, trench coats, or knitted scarves adds a beautiful touch to the wearer.


Winter is the best time of the year for layering outfits. The long coat with high heels is very easy to mix. You can experiment with items in white, beige, or other shades of brown when wearing this classic trench coat.


The combination of brown shades, chocolate brown, and black on the outfit of a German girl shows why this color has become popular in the cold windy season.


Warm, simple, but not boring, these are the things that the brown + black couple can bring. This girl uses completely basic items like knitted sweaters, trousers, ankle boots, black belts…


To find a highlight that balances an outfit with too many patterns, fashion lovers can learn from Chiara Ferragni. The Italian fashionista uses a brown leather jacket.


An oversized brown blazer mixed with items like fur-lined boots, patterned leather handbags, and a trendy knitted hat. To truly fit the cold winter, you really need warm items to wear inside the coat, such as thermal shirts and tights.


Perfect brown outfits will brighten up your winter. To avoid looking too bulky or overly full when wearing thick trench coats, a small light-colored belt that is lighter than the coat will be useful.


You can mix it with a long dress made of lightweight, breathable material and wear a trench coat like Molly Chiang.


A long brown skirt portrays personality, confidence, and a free-spirited fashion spirit.


This chic outfit not only helps women work more effectively in the winter, but also scores in style with friends and colleagues.



A red-brown trench coat can be worn alone with matching tights or combined with a long knitted dress. Both Camila Coelho’s outfits are warm and stylish.

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