“Stunning September Bride” – Kimmy Kimberley showcases an enchanting collection of beautiful dresses.

She has always been adept at selecting clothes to accentuate her body's best features.


Kimmy Kimberley has been a name that has attracted a lot of attention recently. She is undoubtedly the most talked-about Thai and international bride in September. Kimmy and her husband Mark Prin’s wedding has received a lot of support and attention from the public. After 10 years together, they have finally found their happy ending.

The famous “mixed rose” from the Land of the Golden Temple possesses an elegant and sophisticated beauty with a full and balanced figure. She always cleverly chooses clothes to highlight the advantages of her body. The fashion style that Kimmy pursues is minimalist, feminine, and seductive, and she has an undying passion for maxi dresses. Kimmy wears these dresses frequently because they are super glamorous and elegant. Let’s take a look back at Kimmy’s beautiful maxi dress collection that will surely inspire you to elevate your own style.

Square-neck dresses are probably Kimmy’s favorite item. She prefers designs with puffed sleeves and a cinched waist to accentuate her body’s sexy curves. The pastel pink color also helps Kimmy exude a delicate and charming charm.

The Thai star also loves elegant floral patterned dresses, which exude a sweet, romantic beauty, reminiscent of a fairytale princess.

Kimmy also likes to wear fitted square-neck dresses. This is a must-have item for any stylish girl. The dress features a minimalist design with wide collar and three-quarter sleeves, which is youthful and perfect for cool autumn days.

She also wears spaghetti strap dresses every day. If you admire a captivating and elegant beauty, then you must have this classy soft silk white spaghetti strap dress.

To show off her slim waist and alluring back, Kimmy chooses a long-sleeved cut-out dress that is extremely exquisite, elegant, and especially sensual.

The next dress, a maxi dress with lace, embodies the image of a sweet princess, which is undoubtedly irresistible to many girls.

The style of tops that Kimmy chooses also has a gentle and attractive charm. She doesn’t forget to mix them with jeans to look youthful and effortlessly stylish.

Frequently asked questions

Kimmy’s fashion sense is minimalist, feminine, and seductive. She often chooses clothes that highlight her body’s advantages. Her go-to style includes square-neck dresses with puffed sleeves and cinched waists, emphasizing her sexy curves. Kimmy also loves maxi dresses and is passionate about elegant, glamorous outfits.

Kimmy favors square-neck dresses, often with puffed sleeves and a cinched waist, in pastel colors like pink. She also adores floral patterned dresses for their romantic, fairytale princess vibe. Kimmy’s wardrobe includes fitted square-neck dresses, a staple for any stylish girl, and she’s a fan of spaghetti strap dresses for a captivating, elegant look.

To showcase her slim waist and alluring back, Kimmy opts for a long-sleeved cut-out dress, exuding exquisite elegance and sensuality.

Absolutely! Kimmy’s collection includes a maxi dress with lace that perfectly captures the image of a sweet, irresistible princess.

Kimmy also has a charming sense of style when it comes to tops. She chooses gentle and attractive designs and pairs them with jeans for a youthful, effortlessly stylish look.
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