Elegant and stylish fashion by Doan Van Hau’s wife that everyone adores

Known for their affordable prices, the local Vietnamese fashion brands offer a wide range of stylish clothing options. With these items, anyone can easily create their own unique style without breaking the bank. So, regardless of your budget, you can always find something that suits your taste and wallet.


The wedding of the couple Doan Van Hau – Doan Hai My has been the center of attention in recent days. This is one of the most beloved talented – beautiful couples in Vbiz.

Bride Doan Hai My possesses a delicate, gentle face and a tall, slender figure. She has a stylish fashion taste that truly resembles a rich young lady. The beautiful lady, born in 2001, often appears in elegant dresses that perfectly enhance her model-like figure. It is known that the clothes she wears are mostly local Vietnamese brands with extremely affordable prices, so anyone can buy them.


First is a simple 2-strap dress that emphasizes the soft curves of her body. Despite wearing a basic dress, Hai My still stands out and looks charming.


When going to the beach, Doan Van Hau’s wife also chooses the familiar 2-strap dress but with added emphasis on the chest to look more charming. This dress can also be worn in many occasions, even in the autumn/winter season.


The second dress style that Hai My loves to wear when going out is a maxi dress with a shoulder-baring design. The advantage of this dress is that it brings a gentle appearance. The pattern adds a fresh and charming touch as well.


The next set of clothes that Hai My wears has a noble and sophisticated style with a strapless bustier and wide-leg pants. It is known that this outfit is from the local brand Lana Studio, which looks both elegant and classy.


In addition to dresses, Doan Hai My also frequently wears jeans. She often pairs jeans with crop tops or shirts when walking around.


The crop top shirt that Doan Hai My pairs with jeans also has a fitted hem to show off her tiny waist that everyone loves.


A 3-hole top is the perfect choice to mix with jeans. The crop tops that Hai My chooses often have horizontal stripes that are very trendy and youthful.


A tank top + wide-leg jeans helps Doan Hai My flaunt her slim waist and create the illusion of longer legs.

Doan Hai My seems to prefer crop tops, tank tops that match her dynamic and youthful fashion style. She likes to pair this type of top with jeans to fully show off her “ant-sized” waist.

Doan Hai My’s dressing style is loved and learned by many young people because it is not only simple but also creates a high-level figure. Every time she appears, the young beauty born in 2001 captures everyone’s attention with her mere 55cm waist. Moreover, even though she is only 1m67 tall, she looks like 1m8 thanks to her choice of clothing.

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