5 Harmful Habits That Do Not Help Relax the Body but Make It Even More Tired

There are some habits that seem to help relax the body but actually make you more tired quickly, let's explore 5 bad habits that you should avoid.


In the fast-paced and busy life today, we all seek the best ways to rest and relax our bodies, but some relaxation methods can make the body more tired and increase the risk of illness. Let’s explore 5 bad habits that make the body tired and increase the risk of illness.

1Excessive Sleeping

A good night’s sleep allows the body and mind to rest and recharge. However, sleeping too much can lead to unexpected health problems, just like overcharging a battery can cause it to swell and explode.

According to experts at webMD, adults should sleep about 6 – 9 hours, with 80% of the time being night sleep. Sleeping more than this time can disrupt the body and gradually lead to wanting to sleep more, feeling extreme drowsiness, even after napping.


Furthermore, a large-scale survey in the UK has shown that oversleeping is associated with lower intelligence quotient, higher rates of diabetes, heart disease, depression, infertility, and other diseases.

2Spending too much time on social media

Social media is a place for us to express emotions, share information, and relax with funny images, videos, and various activities. However, using social media for a long time can have negative consequences and make you more tired.

Spending too much time on social mediaSpending too much time on social media

Spending too much time on social media will unintentionally prolong late nights, and the light from phone/computer screens can also affect the brain, eyes, and skin. Moreover, you may increase the risk of mental illnesses, anxiety disorders, and .

Therefore, if you truly want to rest and relax comfortably, limit your use of social media for a specific period of time.

3Excessive Resting

Resting or doing nothing can quickly help restore physical strength. However, if maintained for too long and too frequently, this will not benefit your health.

Excessive RestingExcessive Resting

Some studies have shown that when you have a virus, excessive rest can increase the risk of developing more symptoms within six months. Moreover, resting too long during the day can disrupt sleep and affect emotional states.

Instead, rest for a few hours and check your physical and mental condition before deciding whether to continue resting or not. You can go for a walk, read a book, listen to music, or meet some acquaintances instead of doing nothing.

4Playing video games for a long time

Nowadays, playing video games is also a way to reduce stress, relax, and rest effectively if done for entertainment and stress relief purposes. However, if you spend too much time playing games, it will have some harmful effects on your body.

Playing video games for a long timePlaying video games for a long time

You will not only feel tired and stressed but also increase the risk of various diseases, disruption of circadian rhythm and can lead to game addiction. For games that require high concentration, they can stimulate competitiveness, violence, or personal financial consumption.

Continuous gaming for many hours can also affect your eyes, skin, bones, and joints… Therefore, if you want to play games for entertainment, do not spend more than 3 – 4 hours per day, take breaks while gaming, and set time limits for each gaming session.

5Uncontrolled Eating

Eating comfortably according to your preferences is also a way to help the body restore energy and relax. However, if you indulge too much in food according to your preferences, it can bring many negative consequences.

Uncontrolled EatingUncontrolled Eating

According to webMD, when you eat too much, the blood cells in the intestinal tract will slow down and the brain will not be able to maintain flexibility leading to feelings of tiredness and weakness. If you consume too much sweets, fried foods, it will increase the risk of obesity and affect your mood such as feeling bored or depressed.

Above are our sharing about 5 bad habits for the body when it comes to rest. Hope you will take note to protect your health.

Source: Vietnamese Women Newspaper