5 items to buy near Tet at a better price

People often have a habit of shopping before Tet holiday. However, there are 5 items that do not need to be purchased in advance, buying them close to Tet will be more beneficial. Let's find out more in the following article.


During the Lunar New Year season, many families take the opportunity to shop and decorate their homes. However, did you know that there are certain items that you should not buy too early, as they tend to be more expensive? As the Lunar New Year approaches, food and household items have a tendency to increase in price, resulting in unnecessary expenses if purchased too early. Here are 5 items that you should not shop for in advance, as purchasing them closer to the Lunar New Year will provide better prices.

1Cakes and sweets

Cakes, sweets, and traditional Lunar New Year candies are must-have items for every household during the holiday season. Many people tend to purchase these items at the beginning of the Lunar December or even earlier to gradually consume them. However, the truth is that the earlier you buy them, the higher the price will be, and there won’t be many new varieties available. Therefore, it is recommended to buy cakes and sweets for your family around the 23rd day of Lunar December. At this time, you will find better deals.

Cakes and sweets


Similar to cakes and sweets, beverages are also essential items during the Lunar New Year. However, it is not advisable to stock up on too many beverages at home. It is highly likely that companies, friends, and colleagues will give you these products as gifts. If not, you can also easily purchase beverages at nearby supermarkets and stores.



If you plan to buy seafood to prepare delicious dishes for your family, it is not recommended to buy too early and store a large amount in the freezer. This will affect the freshness and quality of your dishes. Improper storage can also lead to food spoilage and wastage.



Many people tend to purchase a large quantity of meat in advance for the Lunar New Year. However, if you buy too early, the price of meat will be relatively high, and if not properly stored, the quality and freshness of the meat may be compromised.


5Fresh vegetables

It is difficult to maintain the freshness of fresh vegetables if you buy them too early, and the prices tend to be higher due to the high demand during this shopping season. However, you can easily purchase fresh and delicious vegetables at supermarkets and convenience stores, so there is no need to stock up excessively.

Fresh vegetables

Above are 5 items that you should not shop for in advance, as purchasing them closer to the Lunar New Year will provide better prices. We hope this article has provided you with useful information.