9 Lucky Desktop Plants to Attract Prosperity and Good Fortune in Work

Placing a small, adorable plant on your desk not only enhances its beauty and uplifts your mood, but it also brings good luck and prosperity in terms of feng shui.


Spider Plant

This type of plant has a unique shape and striking colors. The Spider Plant is a perfect choice for decorating an office or any space with unique designs.

The elegant, modern, and luxurious beauty of the Spider Plant, when combined with details in the room, creates a harmonious and vibrant overall picture. The leaves are green, yellow, creating a lively and fresh office space.

Money Tree

As the name suggests, the Money Tree is believed to bring wealth, luck, and prosperity to the owner.

The word “money” in Money Tree means wealth, while “tree” means richness and prosperity. When the Money Tree blooms, the owner’s fortune continues to grow, with more money, benefits, and luck. Therefore, the tree is preferred to be placed on the working desk.

Lucky Bamboo

The name of the plant hides its meaning. Lucky Bamboo symbolizes wealth, luck, and prosperity, so people have sayings like “wealth and prosperity” or “prosperity and luck.” Therefore, the plant is often chosen as a gift on occasions such as housewarming, opening ceremony, and Tet holiday.

Placing a Lucky Bamboo on the desk will bring a lot of energy and help its owner to succeed.

Pilea Peperomioides

This plant has a relatively simple beauty but always exudes friendliness and gentleness towards the owner. Pilea Peperomioides symbolizes the Five Elements: Metal – Wood – Water – Fire – Earth, with the meaning of good feng shui.

As a shade-loving plant, Pilea Peperomioides is suitable for planting in offices. The plant carries a very special meaning in feng shui, which is wealth, luck, and happiness. To place on the working desk, you can choose a mini Pilea Peperomioides plant.


Zamioculcas is a symbol of perseverance and striving in life, as it often grows in stony and arid environments. The plant stores a lot of water and has a hard shell to adapt to the environment.

The special feature of Zamioculcas is that it helps purify the air in the room, eliminate harmful chemicals and toxins. Therefore, Zamioculcas is popular for interior decoration, such as placing in the living room, on the working desk…


Sansevieria not only helps purify the air and create a cool space but also has a meaning of luck. Placing a mini Sansevieria on the working desk will bring convenience and smooth sailing in work.

Living Stone Plant

This plant comes in various colors such as purple, yellow, red,… which helps the space always shine. Living Stone Plant has green, thick and watery leaves, so it has a very strong vitality. When the leaves fall to the ground, they can grow into new plants.

Living Stone Plant is very easy to take care of. The plant symbolizes strength, resilience, and determination.

Jade Plant

This plant is known as the feng shui plant that brings wealth, luck, and prosperity. The plant also has excellent air purification ability, making your living space greener.

You can place the plant on the working desk, in the office, on bookshelves,… especially suitable for people with a Metal element.

*Information is for reference only.