Ancestor’s advice on forbidden habits: ‘Don’t pick up these 6 things no matter how appealing they may seem’, assets are scattered

According to ancient wisdom, if you encounter these falling objects outside, it is advised not to pick them up no matter how much you like them.


Money, Wallet, or Envelope

When you see money, a wallet, or an envelope drop right in front of you, everyone will immediately pick it up. However, according to feng shui, the person who drops the money or the wallet is a person who is involved in bad luck, and when we pick up their belongings, we accept that bad luck into ourselves. Moreover, the ancestors have a saying: “What belongs to heaven returns to its plate,” meaning that anything that is not created by us, even if we receive it, will be lost soon enough.

In particular, someone may be aware that someone is trying to deceive them. They will pretend to drop money, a wallet, or a thick envelope on the street and then run back to demand it when someone picks it up. Then another person will run over and claim that the wallet is theirs, asking for compensation and threatening to report to the police if they don’t get it back… There are also a series of other cunning scams that we cannot know about.

Therefore, to avoid these dangerous situations, it is best not to pick up any money, wallet, or envelope on the road.

Old Mirror

A mirror is an object with the ability to reflect, attract good luck, and also a bridge between the yin and yang realms.

An old mirror may contain the aura of the person who previously used it or the forces of the yin realm, bringing bad luck. We should not casually pick up a mirror on the road and bring it home, even if it is still in good condition.

Offerings after ceremonies must not be taken

In traditional culture, making offerings to ancestors is a way to express respect and remembrance for ancestors. People believe that ancestors still exist in another world, and they will pay attention to and protect their descendants.

In ceremonies, various offerings are offered, such as fruits, food, wine, and paper money. These offerings are considered to be for the ancestors and a way to show love and respect for them. Leaving some offerings in place also signifies that ancestors will receive and enjoy them in some form.

Therefore, taking or consuming offerings is considered disrespectful and offensive to ancestors. This is because these offerings are considered sacred objects or blessed items used to connect with ancestors and convey emotions. Violating this respect can be seen as something bad, bringing bad luck or displeasing the ancestors.

Dropped idols

In our traditional culture, people have a respectful and revered attitude towards deities. Worshiping deities is one of the ways for people to show their reverence for the divine and seek the protection of the holy spirit. However, if we see someone else’s idol discarded by the roadside or on a mountain, according to folklore, we should not pick it up casually.

An idol discarded by someone else is considered useless, and they may have lost their initial sanctity or be cursed. In addition, the origin and lineage of these deities are also unclear, and their authenticity or any issues cannot be determined. Therefore, bringing these discarded idols home may bring bad luck or negative influences.

Old photos of strangers

Each photo contains a part of the owner’s soul. If the person in the photo is not a relative, and we do not know the life or death of that person, it is best to avoid it.

Do not pick up someone else’s dropped watch

A watch is considered a symbol of time, as well as associated with luck, misfortune, and death. Therefore, according to traditional beliefs, picking up someone else’s unwanted watch or wristwatch is considered unlucky, and it is believed to symbolize bad luck or a sign of bad things.

This concept may stem from the functional and symbolic meanings of watches. Watches symbolize the passage of time and the impermanence of life. When we pick up a discarded watch, it implies that time has stopped, indicating misfortune or a bad omen.

In some cultures and traditions, giving a watch as a gift is also considered taboo. This is because giving a watch as a gift to someone can be seen as conveying “the end” and a bad omen, contrary to good things and wishes for longevity.

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