Ancestral teachings: “Place these 5 things in your home, and your family will not prosper”, what are these 5 things?

In the past, it was believed that these items had an impact on the prosperity and success of a family.


Feng shui culture, when applied to home decoration, often carries many beliefs and instructions, such as the proverb: “Reveal bad objects in the house, your fortune will not develop.” So, what are the items that should not appear in the living space?

Animal bones

In the film world, we often see the use of animal bones such as deer, cow, or sheep’s skulls as decorations, creating a unique space with wild beauty. However, reality is often far from the influence of movies. Placing animal bones, especially skulls, in the house is not considered positive.

This is considered bad because from a feng shui perspective, they not only create a gloomy impression but also symbolize death, which can affect the vitality and positivity of the living space. Additionally, using animal bones for decoration raises ethical concerns regarding animals.

Aggressive animal pictures

Not only animal bones, sculptures and graphic paintings of aggressive animals are also not encouraged to be placed in the house. Although many people like to decorate with statues and paintings, images of fierce animals are not suitable for living spaces. According to feng shui beliefs, they carry negative energy and can affect the peaceful atmosphere of the house.

Weapons and sharp objects

Regarding weapons and sharp objects, although many people place them in the house with the hope of suppressing evil spirits, from a feng shui perspective, these items should not appear in the living space.

They not only bring negative energy and create a tense atmosphere, but can also cause serious consequences if used in uncontrolled situations.


Careful consideration is also an important perspective when introducing antiques and ancient artifacts into the house. For many antique objects, there is a lot of potential negative energy or associations with painful historical events. Their presence in the living space can create negative effects on the environment and the destiny of the homeowners.

Clothing of the deceased

In general, in feng shui for a family, there are some items that should not be present in the house. A typical example is the clothing of the deceased, which, according to tradition, is usually not kept in the house. Instead, they are often burned after the funeral to symbolize sending them to the otherworld. Keeping these clothes can revive sad memories and can affect the mood of the living.

These advice reflects the belief that the living environment is not just a place to live, but also a space that can affect the mood, health, and destiny of each person. Wise choices in decoration not only bring artistic beauty but also help create a harmonious and positive living space for family life. This is why feng shui culture places a high importance on every detail in the living space.