Be cautious not to use rotten vegetables as food, it can harm your health

Popular in the northern region, củ ấu tẩu can be used to make various dishes. However, fresh củ ấu tẩu is highly toxic and needs to be carefully prepared before consumption.


Arrowroot is considered a valuable medicinal herb with many health benefits. However, if arrowroot is not processed correctly, it can be harmful to health due to the presence of dangerous toxins. Let’s learn about some of the dangers of using arrowroot improperly to prevent poisoning!

1 Dangers of using arrowroot improperly

Arrowroot, also known as Chinese arrowroot, okra, acu, etc., is the root of the arrowhead plant which grows abundantly in mountainous regions. This plant contains toxic substances and is classified as a class A toxic drug, but if processed correctly, it can be a rare valuable herb.

Arrowroot is often used as an external massage ointment to relieve pain, fatigue, and numbness. This type of tuber contains aconitine, a toxic substance, so it should only be used when carefully processed and prescribed and monitored by a doctor.

Dangers of using arrowroot improperly

The main cases of aconitine poisoning are due to eating the roots, taking an overdose of medicine, or mistakenly ingesting external ointments made from arrowroot. Using arrowroot as food without proper processing can also cause severe poisoning.

This toxic substance can cause rapid harm when ingested. Just 1mg can cause severe poisoning, and 2-3mg poses a high risk of death.

The symptoms of arrowroot poisoning may include

2 Preventing arrowroot poisoning

  • Do not use arrowroot as food if you do not have experience in processing this type of tuber.
  • If using arrowroot as food, it should be processed by an experienced person to remove toxins before cooking.
  • If using arrowroot as an external ointment, it should be under the guidance of a professional or traditional Chinese medicine doctor.
  • Alcohol with arrowroot must be labeled, stored carefully, and kept away from children.
  • Absolutely do not drink alcohol soaked with arrowroot.

Preventing arrowroot poisoning

Above are some information about the health risks of using arrowroot improperly. Hopefully, these information will raise awareness among people not to use this toxic tuber recklessly!

Source: Health and Life Newspaper

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